Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1262

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Zoe stared at Cora in slight surprise, not quite convinced that she could let go of past grievances so

Cora read Zoe’s mind too and explained, “Since I’ve been brought back here, my mother has become
the most important person to me. She gave me everything I did not even dare dream of before, be it
riches, fame, or kinship. To me, her concerns are mine, and I won’t care for what she doesn’t care

In other words, Cora changed her opinion of Zoe because Nancy did.

It was as much of a surprise as it was unexpected.

However, Zoe told her bluntly, “Actually, I think you should be more independent. You shouldn’t be
living for anyone else.”

Cora stared at her, unable to react to Zoe’s advice, not to mention that her mother had told her the
same thing just the other night.

“I understand that you’re still afraid even after being given back what was rightfully yours,” Zoe
explained. “That’s why you’re tiptoeing and never gained confidence, because you fear that your
newfound happiness will turn out to be a hallucination.”

Cora pursed her lips, but it was clear that Zoe had experienced the same things she did, allowing Zoe
to read

her mind.

Or perhaps… she was really afraid to admit it, and to stop herself obsessing over her grudge with Zoe.

Moreover, they were biological sisters-they shared a father, after all.

“Also, I’m guessing you have another reason for talking to me,” Zoe said then. “It’s Bob, isn’t it?”

Cora gaped, surprised that Zoe could see through that too.

She had always considered Zoe tactless and simple- minded, unable to read the room and unaware of
what everyone else around her was scheming.

Zoe shrugged. “I just don’t like to do it, and I’m not good at it anyway-life shouldn’t be that complicated
or taxing.”

“Yes,” Cora said then. “I’d like you to help me with Bob. I really love him, but he doesn’t love me back. I
even think he’s still into you, even though you’re married with children…”

“I really can’t help you with your relationship,” Zoe said slowly and clearly.

Cora simply held Zoe’s gaze and said gingerly after a while, ” But he loves you so much. He’d definitely
listen to you-“

“Do you think you’d be happy with a relationship like that?” Zoe asked her in return.

“I don’t care. As long as he-“

“Like I said, you should live for yourself and not for everyone else,” Zoe told Cora, solemn for once. “He
doesn’t love you,

so what you have to do is to improve yourself so that he has a reason to, instead of asking others to
compel him to be with you. A relationship based on coercion is very fragile- it’ll break easily like yours
did. If he still doesn’t fall for you after you’ve improved yourself, that just means it’s not meant to be.
And I’m sure everyone would eventually find their other half in life.”

Cora’s eyes welled with tears—she still could not get over Bob, just as she did not know what she
should do to improve herself.

“You don’t always get what you want, but if you try some time, you’ll get what you need,” Zoe finished.
“I hope that you’ll find your own happiness.”

Cora nodded in silence.

In truth, she had no idea where she could go from here, just as she had no idea how to change Bob’s
mind without anyone’s help.

But perhaps that was just what life was.

She rose to her feet and left, obviously sad and disappointed -she still hoped that someone could help

However, relationships were really different from anything else, and she had to understand that
relationships go both ways.

For example…

Cora turned to see Jay wheeling himself to the parlor just then.

Perhaps, when she really found her happiness, she would realize profoundly how magnificent it was for
two people to love each other…

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