Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1263

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After dinner at Levine Manor, Cordy and John left with Richard, while Zoe and Jay left with Yelena.

Nancy walked with them to the door, watching as they got into their car.” Remember to come back
often, Johnny.”

“Yeah,” John replied.

“But he’s going to the capital soon,” Zoe said, tactless as ever. ’He has to visit Cordy’s family, so he’s
going to be gone for a while. Don’t ask too much now.”

Zoe was among one of few who found out about Cordy’s connection to the Cranstons later on, and she
thought Cordy must have gotten tired of having to keep hiding that fact from her.

In reality, Cordy only told her because there was no threat against them- she did not want her loved
ones to worry for her, let alone get them caught in danger.

However, before Nancy could say a thing, Cordy turned toward Zoe. ’But I never said I’m going to the
capital, did I?”

Did anyone say anything about that?

Zoe appeared perplexed in turn-did she really not know? “But I just heard Jay and John talking about it
this afternoon…”

Cordy turned toward John right then, who explained, “We talked about it last night.”

Cordy frowned-he never said it was today!

Zoe giggled. “Well, you’re not going to remember all the strenuous activities you were up to last

“I’m on my period,” Cordy blurted, having had enough of Zoe’s teasing.

“What?!” Zoe exclaimed in shock. ’You mean you did not do it last night?!”

Cordy was silent, and Zoe took it as an admission, turning to look at John with sympathy right then.

Last night must have been torture for him!

“We’re going tomorrow. I’ve already contacted Sean.” John changed the subject right then.

“Do we have to go so soon?”

“I’m not exactly in a hurry,” John replied.

He would have liked to go a few days later, considering that Cordy was on her period and she would be
exhausted with all the traveling.

However, Sean demanded that they go over right away, probably finding it unacceptable that they got
married without a word.

John had no choice but to agree and told Jay in the afternoon since there were matters that Jay
needed to attend to.

And since Cordy was napping, he did not wake her, and there was no chance to tell her until now.

“Your cousin told us to go there tomorrow. He was insistent,” John explained.

Cordy could actually imagine Sean being impatient and so refrained from pressing the issue.

That was when Zoe suddenly turned toward Nancy. “I can come back often if you’re feeling lonely-l’m
half-retired anyway, and I have too much time on my hands.”

Nancy ignored her completely and instead told Yelena, “Come visit if you’re feeling bored.”

“Okay!” Yelena agreed to it right away. “I like playing with you too, Grandma. N

How many times did she tell the girl she was not ‘Grandma’?

Still, it was too complicated a web of relationships for anything to be distinct.

“Alright, time to go,” Zoe said.

She was not overly sentimental, but she could tell that since Nancy invited Yelena, she was basically
inviting Zoe too.

Still, Nancy had her pride to consider, and she should not make things too awkward for her.

Nancy watched as everyone got in their cars and left-perhaps because she was at that age, she more
or less felt a misery in parting.

Levine Manor used to be so lively… but it was just her and Cora now.

And if Cora got married in the future as well…

Nancy smiled wistfully-people do fear loneliness at a certain age.

Cordy and John’s flight was early next morning-Sean had booked the flight, so resistance was futile.

The family of three were weary as they boarded the plane to the capital, and as they disembarked…

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