Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1267

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Cordy asked, “Should I know?” “Well, no,” John said, not giving a direct answer. “But I was sure you
could guess it.”

Cordy frowned—guess? Guess what?!

Was it even possible that Patrick and Sean shared some unspeakable secret… Hold on!

Cordy was taken aback, staring at John as a certain idea started to take root.

John chuckled-he knew his wife was smart enough to figure it out.

Meanwhile, they arrived at the exceedingly luxurious private hospital where Jesse Cranston was
admitted-it was only natural that he stayed at such a place.

As they alighted, Cordy was staring between Sean and Patrick, not quite understanding it just then.

“What’s wrong?” Sean asked, frowning and left a little perplexed by Cordy’s fixed stare.

“Nothing,” Cordy replied as she came to her senses and followed him into the hospital.

There was an indescribable tension every time she came.

To think that her grandfather was still bedridden…

Suddenly, she felt a big warm hand grasping hers, and she looked up at John.

He smiled, clearly to offer assurance.

Cordy smiled in return-even if she had accepted the possibility that her grandfather would never regain
consciousness, people would always be more hopeful than necessary while they lived…

As the door to Jesse’s ward opened, Cordy could not help stop her eyes from welling with tears when
she saw her grandfather-he had lost more weight while she was away.

It was only logical-there was no way he would get better as he lay in bed all year, surviving only on IV

The more he stayed like this, the worse things would be.

Cordy sat beside Jesse and gently called out, “Grandfather.”

He naturally did not respond, and she smiled faintly. “I’m getting married, Grandfather… Actually, I’m
already married. Would you mind that we decided to ask for permission later?

“And my husband is John…” Cordy worked hard to keep her tone light. “We’ve been orbiting around
each other for years.

I didn’t expect it to be him either…”

John smiled feebly beside her-he had literally put his life on the line to get her back.

“Come here. Talk to Grandfather too.” Cordy beckoned at him.

John nodded and walked upto Jesse.

“Sir, my name is John Levine,” he said. “Apologies that I did not give you a head’s up-l was a little
impatient because I was worried I’d never get to marry Cordy.”

Patrick chuckled nearby, which left Cordy a little embarrassed.

“But don’t worry, sir-l will have no woman aside from Cordy. I love her very much and only her, and I
refuse to let her suffer because of me. Therefore, I would assure you that you have nothing to worry

about when you entrust her to me. IV

He nodded respectfully and so deeply that it could be a bow.

Cordy’s eyes welled with tears, unsure if she felt sad that her grandfather could not witness her
wedding or if she was touched by John’s gesture.

They had gone through so much that it still felt unreal remembering it now.

She used to believe that she had a hard time letting the past go and that she would never reconcile
with John.

Now, however, she realized that once she decided to let go, she was really relieved-and history
became nothing but history.

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