Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1265

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Sean blinked.

While a wedding at the capital goes without saying, John also suggested announcing Cordy’s identity,
which Sean himself had wanted to do for some time if not for Cordy’s refusal.

Cordy was in turn frowning at John—she never said anything about announcing that. John in turn
quickly sensed her displeasure and whispered into her ear, “I have to do this to cajole Sean.”

In reality, he had planned to announce Cordy’s identity for a long while. Naturally, it was not for vanity,
but Cordy should shine further because she had what it took. Cordy pursed her lips, since she could
understand that Sean would be furious that she decided to get married on her own… Well, whatever.

There was no denying that the Cranstons’ blood flowed in her veins, and there was nothing bad about
letting the public know that part of her anyway. Still, Sean said, “I have another request.”

John stared at him warily, as if to tell him to toe the line or they would all be in for it if Cordy got upset.
Sean simply pretended not to see that and cut straight to the point.

“You’re family now that you’ve married Cordy, so work for the family.” John did a double take, surprised
by the unreasonable request! Sean raised a brown in turn.

“Is there a problem?” “Actually, yes. I’ve just rebuilt my family business, and it’s a new company, so that
means there’s a lot to manage. I don’t have the time.”

“You can entrust that to someone else. The Cranston family estate, however, must have leadership at
all times,” Sean said solemnly.

“But everything is on the right track now, isn’t it?” John asked in return. With their obstacles cleared and
the addition of the Stuarts’ support, it would be smooth sailing from here.

“That’s because I’m around,” Sean said.

“Then don’t leave,” John said bluntly. Sean inhaled sharply before asking, “What about in the future?”

“How far in the future are we talking about?”

“What do you think?!” Sean’s voice lifted just then. John pursed his lips-he was smart enough to tell
what Sean meant.

Specifically, it was when leadership was to transition to the next generation. Obviously, Sean was not
going to produce an heir now, just as his ex-wife’s child likely was not his, or he would not have allowed
his ex-wife to take the child away. As such, it was for posterity’s sake that Sean was compelling him to
help the Cranstons. Talk about preparing for a rainy day… However, after having all the details now,
John immediately came up with a solution.

“I can loan you Dicky.”

Throughout their conversation, Richard was just listening as a bystander. Though that was not quite

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