Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1266

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Richard was not actually watching the adults but was using his phone.

He had no concerns these days since his daddy and mommy made up. He was therefore caught by
surprise when his daddy suddenly said his name, and he looked at them in confusion.

Sean was smart enough to catch what John meant right then -when he was older, Richard could take
over the Cranston family estate.

The man certainly had brains.

“What’s wrong, Daddy?” Richard asked in confusion just then.

“Nothing. Get back to using your phone.” John smiled.

That smile creeped out Richard somehow, as if John was going to sell him off to some slavers.

But considering that he was not adopted, and his biological parents had no reason to actually sell him,
he shrugged and continued poring over his phone.

“How about that?” John asked for confirmation.

Sean nodded begrudgingly-it was certainly not difficult.

The reality was that Sean himself had no intention of abandoning the Cranston family estate easily
since it was his grandfather’s life work. As the rightful heir, he would always retain duty and obligations-
even if he was keen to hand it over to John. After all, John was a rare prodigy he had taken a liking to,
and the Cranston family estate would never suffer with him at the helm, but a gentleman should also
not force people if they were unwilling.

Moreover, John was the only pillar that the Levines had left. It was inhumane if Sean compelled him to
give up on them.

On the other hand, Richard was different.

Sean could take his time to groom Richard, and when it is really time for his retirement, Richard would
be ready to accept the challenge.

With that in mind, Sean had to be impressed at John’s insight and quick ability to adapt.

Moreover, Richard was obviously the better candidate to manage the Cranston family estate.

John was not biologically a member of the Cranstons, and the other Cranstons might resist the idea of
appointing John.

On the other hand, Richard did have Cranston blood. Add that to his intelligence and competence, he
would grow to be extraordinary.

If push comes to shove, they just had to change Richard’s last name to Cranston.

The more Sean thought about it, the more he found the idea perfect, and he slowly started to relax.

“That’s a deal,” John confirmed.

“Yeah,” Sean replied, still retaining his usual solemn air—he was not about to forget about them getting
married first and asking permission later.

This was this, and that was that.

“When will you hold the wedding here in the capital?”

“Next month,” John replied. “The wedding in North City was grand, but Cordy deserves the best every
time, so I need some time to properly prepare.”

“So you’d be in the capital for a month?”

John glanced at Cordy, afraid to agree to it lightly.

Cordy in turn rejected it right away. “Our respective businesses are both based in North City-we can’t
stay here constantly. Well stay here for a week, and I’d still count that as plenty.”

Sean could not argue against that, just as Cordy changed the subject, “I’d like to see Grandfather now.
If it’s convenient, you can take John and I along.”

Sean nodded, and they left Cranston Hall together.

Along the way, Cordy appeared to be getting confused, while John could see that she was a little out of
it too.” What is it?”

“Hasn’t Patrick been following us the whole way?” Cordy asked as if to confirm that—she was not
seeing things, was she?

“Yes.” s

“Why would he follow us?” Cordy asked, frowning. “It’s fine if he only received me at the airport since
we haven’t met for a while, and it’s good to meet up while he’s in the capital. But I’m now going to see
my grandfather, so why is he in my brother’s car?”

John smiled meaningfully just then. “You didn’t know?”

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