Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1270

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Cordy had just picked up her teacup and was taking a slow sip-Patrick’s words almost left her spitting it

Patrick frowned and asked in confusion, “Aren’t you worried? rr

Cordy considered it-but John had always been straight…

“You don’t really understand how amazing those two men really are,” Patrick said solemnly. “You
should know how incredible John is even without rose-tinted glasses. Others aside, I very much have
no argument even if I lost you to him.”

“As for Sean…” Patrick trailed off, embarrassment showing on his face for once. “He’s a real keeper
only after I really got to know him.”

“Really? Is he that amazing?” Cordy was skeptical.

“Are you doubting your cousin’s charisma?” Patrick demanded, clearly upset.

Cordy raised a brow-here he was, defending his belief again!

“Anyway, I’m going. I have to check out what those two are up to!” Patrick said and left.

Cordy watched as he left really urgently right then, afraid that Sean would be stolen.

She sighed feebly, though she was soon smiling in relief.

She had felt guilty toward Patrick for the longest time, and that if there was one person whom she had
wronged, it was him.

But she could finally let that go-after all, loving and being loved was equally important!

And what Patrick had now was his perfection!

Cordy slowly returned to her room, and John happened to arrive as well, intending to take a bath.

“Where have you been?” Cordy asked.

“Talking to your cousin,” John replied.

“Huh,” Cordy murmured—Patrick was actually on the money.

“What?” John could seethe weird look she was giving him.

“Nothing,” she replied. “Just keep your distance from Sean from now on.”

“What, did he do something to you?”

“It’s what I’m afraid he would do to you,” Cordy blurted.

John raised a blow, simply confused at that point.

“I mean, Sean is…” Cordy trailed off instead of finishing her sentence.

She was still confused how her straight-laced cousin became not that straight because of Patrick!

And she had the feeling that she needed a long while to digest that bombshell!

“Oh…” John understood right then, his lips curling into a bewitching smile.

That smile was so beautiful he had to be breaking laws for that.

When Patrick said John was amazing before, she thought it was subjective and did not dwell on it

And yet, John’s effortless charm at the moment left her heart pounding, and it was a little irresistible.

It was not surprising that Patrick would be wary of him- Cordy had the feeling that John was attractive
even from Patrick’s perspective.

Cordy then realized something with a start, and she could swear right then… After all, she now had to
be wary of both Sean and Patrick!

John was really born attractive—and to both men and women!

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