Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1273

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Cordy said nothing else-she could trust John that much since he raised Richard as a child and he knew
the boy.

However, she turned toward Sean. “Won’t others feel discontent with passing the family estate to
Dicky? It is a lot of money and power.”

“Leave that to me,” Sean replied confidently.

Cordy frowned-it almost felt like she was being paranoid, since between Sean and John, they could
handle anything in the world.

“Don’t worry,” John assured her. “It’ll all be alright when the time comes.”

Cordy nodded-since they could handle it between them, she had no reason to overthink this.

She felt a sense of security that welled from the bottom of her heart and felt for the first time that she
could rely on them without any concern.

The dining table was a place of harmony until Sean’s phone rang.


His expression was grim as he answered it, and the others could not help looking at him, sensing that
something serious had happened.

Still, Sean’s reaction kept changing, and there was not telling if it was good or bad.

However, the people at the table were all experienced with crises, and they all stayed silent until Sean
finished his phone call.

Soon, Sean put down his phone, looking overwhelmed with emotion.

Cordy pursed her lips-the worst thing she could imagine just then was…

She really did not want to think about that.

Nonetheless, Sean took a deep breath and said, “Call from Grandfather’s hospital. They’re saying…”

Cordy’s heart could leap out of her throat-she had expected it to be about their grandfather, since Sean
would not react like that otherwise.

“They said he woke up,” Sean said after a while.

Cordy felt like her heart could explode-she had really expected things to go the other way, and she
thanked the heavens for having mercy for them.

“Let’s go to the hospital right now,” she said.

“Okay.” Sean nodded.

They all put down their knives and forks and rushed to the hospital.

As Cordy entered Jesse’s ward, she still had a hard time believing that she could still see her
grandfather’s gentle smile.

He was clearly feeble. His breathing was labored and it took him a lot to sit up on his bed, but there
was no doubt that he was awake, and he could see them and smile at them.

Cordy rushed toward him first, throwing herself into his arms.

She had never been this intimate with him before, in fear that she would hurt him, even though she
wanted to bridge their distance.

And although Jesse had been the head of a dynasty for decades and had long since gotten used to
staying stoic, Cordy’s emotions still left his old eyes welling with tears.

As he lowered his gaze to look at his granddaughter, he seemed to see his daughter at that very

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