Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1272

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Cordy decided that John was dressed in a manner too loose and tempting, and she went to stand in
front of him, buttoning his shirt.

John blinked, his lips curling up into a smile.

“Done,” Cordy said, leaving just the collar button free, and looked up to see that meaningful smile on
his face.

Cordy naturally knew he was smiling because she was being possessive.


Alright, she could admit she was possessive, and she was really a little concerned with two rivals in the

One would never have been able to tell that of the four people in the house and three of them men, she
was in the end the least threatening.

It was just ever so slightly upsetting to know that.

As they headed downstairs, they found Sean and Patrick sitting on the parlor couch.

Sean was reading a newspaper, while Patrick was watching TV.

They were not being particularly intimate, but there was an indescribable sense of harmony between
them—probably like domestic bliss.

Once Cordy and John arrived, they both turned toward the couple.

“Ah, newlyweds really get clingy.” Patrick teased them right then. “Napping all the way to 4 PM without

“It’s been a tiring couple days,” Cordy reasoned. “The wedding, visiting Levine Manor, and then rushing
over here…”

“Oh, it’s understandable. We get it—honeymoon period.” Patrick nodded in understanding.

Cordy rolled her eyes—why was he no different from Zoe?

Maybe she should have had Patrick get together with Zoe, though Jay would have murdered her if she

“I mean, in the beginning, Sean and I were—”

Patrick suddenly stopped, realizing that he had spoken too much.

Still, Cordy pressed him deliberately. “Were what?”

“Oh, you get it. You’ve been there, done that.” Patrick refrained from elaborating.

“But Sean’s past forty…”

“You don’t get it. That’s when men really peak,” Patrick said, fervently on Sean’s side. “You’d never
understand the bliss of old men.”

Sean had lifted his newspaper to hide his face, but he still felt embarrassed anyway.

And he felt like he was stabbed aside from being embarrassed.

‘Old man’?! Talk about being murdered by words!

“Alright, save it—I’m famished,” Patrick said then. “Let’s eat.”

“You didn’t eat earlier?”

“Your cousin insisted on waiting for you.” Patrick huffed.

“You didn’t have to wait that long, and you could’ve just woke us up.”

“Your cousin insisted on not imposing,” Patrick scoffed, a little bitterly.

Cordy turned toward Sean, feeling touched just then.

Her mother passed away because of the Sachs’ machinations, and she never had much expectation
toward family. Sean, however, allowed her to feel the warmth of family again. “Let’s eat,” Sean said
then, putting away the newspaper. “We’re all hungry.” “Yeah.” Cordy nodded, hiding her welling
emotions just then. After all, she should be happy instead of getting all teary-eyed. As they headed to
the dining table, Cordy asked, “Where’s Dicky?” “He already ate-he’s probably doing some holiday
homework,” Sean said as he beckoned for everyone to sit. “Oh, and since John is offering to have
Dicky inherit the Cranston estate, he can attend school here. I can personally groom him as well.”
Cordy did a double take, surprised that Richard would have to leave them so soon. She turned toward
John, who nodded. “Okay.” Cordy frowned. “Have you asked for Dicky’s opinion?” “I’ll talk to him,” John
said bluntly. “But…” Was that not too hard on Richard? “Don’t worry. He’s tougher than you think.”

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