Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1274

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It had been a silly argument and refusal to give in that drove Jesse and his daughter Evelyn apart, and
it was the greatest regret he had in life.

“I’m fine now, Cordy,” he said quietly, still enfeebled having just regained consciousness.

Cordy nodded quietly in his arms, tears covering her cheeks as she sobbed.

“Cordy.” John walked up to take her out of Jesse’s arms.

Naturally, he was not jealous-he just knew that Cordy was embarrassed that she was crying like a

Cordy naturally seized the moment to lean on John’s chest, hiding her face there to conceal her tears.

Still, Jesse was a little worried, so John gave him an assuring look and mouthed, “She’s just too

Jesse nodded in turn.

Perhaps because he had just regained consciousness, he appeared more kindly and actually lacked
his usual edge and imposing presence.

“How do you feel, Grandfather?” Sean asked.

“Just a little weak,” Jesse replied. “Otherwise, I’m fine.”

“Should I call the rest of the family?”

“Not right now. Let me have a few days to recover,” Sean said quickly-he would rather they not see him
so weak.

“Okay.” Sean nodded. “The doctors said you still need to stay for a while. You’ve woken up from a long
coma, so most of your body still can’t keep up. You should spend time here to rest and rehabilitate.”

“Yeah,” Jesse replied.

“I’ll stay here to keep you company,” Sean offered.

“And who’s going to manage the family business with you gone?” Jesse asked.

He could actually hear them talking around him while he was in a coma and was therefore aware of
everything that had happened-including the Lynds’ attempt on his life and subsequent rest, as well as
Cordy telling him that she married John just this morning.

“Things are fine in the family…”

“Sean, it’s not your first day leading the family-you know that it’s never fine unless someone keeps
things together,” Jesse said, his voice quiet but the authority obvious.

“Yes, Grandfather,” Sean replied respectfully and did not press the issue.

“I can stay here with you, Grandfather,” Cordy said then, pulling away from John’s arms.

Her eyes and nose were red, and John almost could not help hiding her in his arms again.

Jesse turned toward Cordy then, more or less surprised.

Cordy had not been particularly attached to him-before his coma, at least, since she was not raised in
his company.

Naturally, that meant he was not there to protect her when she needed it, and he always felt guilty
about that.

“I’ll stay with you until you make a full recovery, okay?” she repeated. “I won’t be busy for a while, and I
can delegate work to my employees.”

“You just got married. You should be spending more time together…”

“Yes, we’re married, so we have all the time to spend together and a couple of days is no issue,” Cordy
said determinedly, even turning to the man beside her. “Right, John?”

John really wanted to say no, but he certainly did not dare to argue with the missus.

Moreover, she had every reason to care for Jesse, and he ought to show his beloved wife support.

As such, he smiled while hiding his disappointment. “Of course.”

“Exactly. Don’t refuse us now, Grandpa,” Cordy said sternly then.

“Alright, alright, I won’t.” Jesse smiled. “I’ll take good care of myself, get better, and attend your

“Good.” Cordy nodded, grinning from ear to ear.

John patted her head in turn, giving in upon seeing that she was so happy.

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