Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1278

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Cordy smiled. “That’s the spirit, Grandpa. Also, the doctor said you can go out on a wheelchair-how
about I take you on a stroll?”

“Sure,” Jesse replied.

As Cordy wheeled Jesse through the hallways of the hospital, she thought to herself that even if she
had no idea why Jesse and her mother fought, she would be happy with how things were now.

Cordy cared for Jesse for over a month before he returned to Cranston Hall.

During that period, the other Cranstons learned that Jesse had regained consciousness as well, and
they all came to visit.

Though some of them were more or less jealous that Cordy was always with Jesse, they did not protest
given Jesse’s authority.

Meanwhile, Richard remained in the capital, just as he would be there for the foreseeable future.

Cordy asked if he was really willing to stay, and Richard’s response was resolute.

He would love to stay with his parents, but he was also a young man who should learn to shoulder

While Cordy had no idea what John told their son, Richard’s reaction set her mind at ease.

Naturally, John was not staying put after returning to North City either-he would be flying to the capital
either day like your typical frequent flier.

Zoe would occasionally complain to Cordy that only she and Jay were the only ones visiting Levine It
was even less fun that she had to pit her wits against Nancy, and she felt aggrieved.

Cordy, however, did not agree—Zoe appeared much more relieved.

Indeed, anyone would not have been able to put the past behind them if they were in Zoe and Nancy’s
shoes. One might even call it the armistice of the century.

Whenever John arrived at the capital, he would come to the hospital to take care of Jesse, as well as
discuss details of their wedding, which was held a week after Jesse was discharged.

It was a grand occasion, though Cordy would rather John kept things subtler-who else had two
weddings with such pomp and circumstance?

Even so, John told her seriously that he could not be subtle- if he could, he would have one wedding
for them every year, so that everyone in the world knew he married Cordy Sachs.

Cordy blushed-how could he say something so mushy like that?!

“Cordy,” Jesse said. “I should be giving you a dowry.”

“You don’t have to, Grandfather…”

“Why not? You’re a Cranston, and you should marry with all due pomp and circumstance,” Jesse said
solemnly. “I’ve had people prepare everything for you-bring in the inventory, Sean.”

“Here,” Sean said, bringing out a ledger.

Cordy was stunned—she really did not want anything from the Cranstons.

For her, she was grateful that the family could offer her the warmth of a family once more.

And there were a ton of assets to be transferred to her.

Real estate, cars, shares, and cash-there seemed to be no end to it as Jesse read it all aloud…

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