Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1280

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It was natural that Patrick would be uncertain Jesse was calling him, since the man had treated him like
he did not exist for a month.

He was actually terrified—what would Jesse do to him?!

Jesse was not going to start beating him up now that he had recovered, right?!

He glanced at Sean with a look that said ‘you did this’.

Sean pursed his lips, more or less worried as well.

“Who else is named Patrick around here?” Jesse huffed.

The parlor of Cranston Hall was silent-no one ever made a sound whenever Jesse got upset.

“Yes, sir. What’s the matter?” Patrick asked calmly and respectfully, controlling his breathing despite the
lingering fear inside.

“Does your grandfather know about you and Sean?” Jesse asked.

“He does,” Patrick replied.

In fact, his family knew his preferences all along and were much more accommodating than the

Perhaps prepared for it, Monty Stuart even urged him to bring Sean home soon.

Still, Patrick rejected the offer, since there was no telling what would happen since they had yet to gain
the Cranstons 1 approval.

They would like to avoid regret just like any couple would.

“They had no objections?”

“None,” Patrick replied. “They were even happy about it.”

While Jesse frowned, Patrick added, “You can call my grandfather if you doubt me.”

Jesse stayed silent, but he was convinced that Patrick would not lie no matter how bold he was.

“So, if I give my approval, the two of you are going to…” Jesse trailed off, unable to finish.

He was too old to be so accepting!

Cordy could not help butting in just then, saying,” Grandfather, it’s decided with or without your

Jesse inhaled deeply in turn, and after a while, he growled,” Come here.”

Patrick was left stunned again. “Who, me?”

“I’d be questioning your intelligence if you weren’t a Stuart!” Jesse snapped, further frustrated by
Patrick’s dull response.

Patrick pursed his lips and slowly walked toward Jesse.

Things were probably getting physical, but he did steal the man’s most treasured grandson.

No one could take such a thing lying down!

Resigning himself, Patrick walked over to Jesse, but Sean suddenly stepped between them.

Everyone else was taken aback, and Jesse scowled even harder.

“Grandfather, this isn’t his fault. You can punish me if you want—I’ll take anything thrown my way,”
Sean said with humble respect, his very posture showing deference.

However, he was also determined.

Jesse glared coldly at Sean-while anyone would back down tactfully, Sean had grown a spine and
issued a tacit challenge to Jesse’s authority!

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