Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1277

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Cordy kept Jesse company in his ward, talking to him, wiping him down, feeding him, and bringing him

She cared for him meticulously, and Jesse was certainly emotional to see this.

It reminded him of Cordy’s mother, and the single greatest regret he would have in this life.

He always had a soft spot for her, too-which was why he could admit that he was interested in Sean’s
suggestion to let Cordy’s son inherit the family estate even though strictly speaking, Richard was not
even on the list.

“Cordy,” Jesse suddenly called out to her. “Did you know about Sean and Patrick?”

Cordy nodded, having no reason to hide it. “I just found out.”

“But you and Patrick…”

“Let’s just say it was not meant to be.” Cordy sighed feebly.” And we’ve both now found someone

“Someone better?!” Jesse glowered.

The thought that the grandson he appreciated most turning out to be a walking timebomb certainly left
him overwhelmed.

Cordy could read his mind and smiled, “I think you should be more open-minded about Sean,

“It’s just unacceptable,” Jesse huffed with righteous indignation. “I never thought this would happen to

“But it happened.”

“And what, I shouldn’t stop it?”

“I’d recommend against stopping them,” Cordy said quietly, concerned that she would aggravate him.
“Things are going well for Sean and Patrick. And after listening to Sean’s story, I personally believe that
he won’t change the way you want him to.”

Jesse’s beard bristled in frustration—this was the first time he felt so powerless.

Cordy continued to persuade him. “It’s just the line of succession, no? There are plenty of Cranstons
who can hold the line, and it’s no issue if Sean abstains. He did not abandon the family estate either,
and he’s doing what he can to keep the family going, in his own way.”

“His own way? You mean throwing Dicky to the burning pit?” Jesse huffed.

“That’s not quite right, Grandfather. Dicky would be honored to take over the family estate if he proves
to possess the caliber.”

“Are you really going along with this?” Jesse asked.

In reality, he was worried that Cordy-or worse, John-was reluctant.

The Cranston family estate was certainly grand. Having stood for decades at the top, it was no issue
for their splendor to be sustained over a century.

However, the Levines were no pushovers-with their wealth that could match nations, their family
needed an heir as well.

Everyone would also have seen by then how smart Richard was even as a child, and his potential
would certainly be inestimable. As such, were the Levines really willing to let Richard stay with the
Cranston family?

“I’ll respect Dicky’s choice, and John gave Sean a definitive response that he’s willing to let Dicky stay
in Cranston Hall,” Cordy said shortly.

As Jesse looked up at her, she added solemnly, “You’ve just regained consciousness, Grandfather.
Don’t worry too much -you still need time to recover. In fact, I think it’s time you can retire, since Sean
has the strength to keep the family going. He won’t disappoint you.”

Jesse stayed silent for a while before sighing. “My children and grandchildren have all found their
happiness. I’ve certainly grown old.”

“You’re not old, Grandfather. But you’ve been striving for a lifetime, and you’ve earned your respite.
Leave the rest to us young’uns or even our descendants.”

“Yeah.” Jesse nodded and flashed a mild smile. “I definitely have let go of many things after what
happened. There’s no telling what life would bring next, and it’s high time I enjoy what’s left of my

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