Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1281

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Jesse’s expression was dark-Sean had never once disobeyed him before.

Patrick was surprised that Sean would suddenly step between them too.

Still, before Jesse flipped out, Cordy quickly said, “Sean, please.”

Sean pursed his lips, but he was determined.

“Just come here for a moment.” Cordy tried to pull him along.

Sean still did not move.

Cordy shot him a look then-she had been coaxing Jesse every day she spent with him, speaking highly
of both Sean and Patrick. She really doubted that Jesse was not swayed at all after her month-long

Moreover, Jesse was a man of principles and had a reputation to maintain. There was no way he would
physically harm Patrick even if he did not acknowledge Sean and Patrick’s relationship-all it would do
was embarrass him, just as he would have to defend his actions to the Stuarts.

If there was punishment, it would be thrown at Sean.

Sean had to be smart enough to understand that, but it was also understandable people get flustered
when their loved ones are at stake.

Cordy could understand that Sean was being serious about Patrick or he would not have come clean to
the family readily. However, she did not expect Sean to blindly cover for Patrick to such an extent

Still, Sean seemed to come to his senses when he saw the look in her eyes, and he moved aside with

Jesse’s scowl did not fade-he would not have bothered himself with Sean and Patrick’s affair if Cordy
had not worked so hard on him over the last month.

If he was feeling a little drastic, he would just kick them out.

And now, he was given grief too?!

Inhaling deeply, he slowly said, “As an old friend of your grandfather’s, I can look the other way for his

Patrick could not hide his delight at those words, and his grin was so broad that Jesse was left

Could Patrick control himself a little instead of looking so smug right in front of him?!

“Thank you, Gramps,” Patrick said, easily closing the distance with new acquaintances as he always

Jesse was going to correct him but decided to bear with it.


“Here,” he said, pointing at a jewel box nearby, leaving Patrick in confusion.

Rolling his eyes, he said, “Take it.”


Patrick was perplexed-was Jesse actually giving him a gift?!

“What, did you think I’d put it on for you like I did with Cordy?! ” Jesse snapped angrily.

That was not actually the case—Patrick was just content that Jesse would acknowledge his
relationship with Sean.

The gift naturally left him stunned.

Still, Patrick did not hold back at all and promptly opened the jewel box to find an emerald necklace
with the gem in the middle the size of a bird’s egg.

Everyone was stunned that Jesse would give such a precious gift-it would certainly match Cordy’s
bangle in value!

“I’ve taken a while to pick it, but this is the only thing that I thought suits you,” Jesse said, a hint of
discontent showing in his voice. “If word gets out that Sean’s partner is a man…”

He trailed off again, knowing that he would give himself a stroke if he finished his own sentence.

“Go on, get out of my sight-don’t be an eyesore,” he huffed, waving Patrick off.

Patrick was certainly not upset—in fact, he was happy about this.

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