Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1283

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Cordy lay in bed, waiting for John.

He eventually emerged from the bathroom, absent-mindedly drying his hair as he changed into fresh

He appeared surprised to find Cordy in bed. “Going to sleep too?”

“Can’t I?”

“No,’’ he quickly said. “I mean, you’d have trouble sleeping at the hospital while taking care of your

Cordy pursed her lips-that certainly was not the case.

In private hospitals, one could enjoy the hospitality usually expected from five-star hotels. With people
at your beck and call, it certainly did not dull in comparison to one.

Still, John did not seem to notice Cordy’s feelings as he pulled up the blanket and got into bed.

Cordy followed suit after he did and slowly slid to his side.

John was taken aback-he almost could not recall a day when he was alone in the same room with
Cordy, and he handily pulled her into his arms.

Holding her firmly, he started to sleep.

Cordy’s heart racing.

It was as if there was some unknown force at work stopping them from consummating even though
they were legally married now.

She waited nervously for a long while, but John was not making a move!

He should be desperate, and she remembered that he could not sleep the night after their wedding in
North City.

But now, John was not moving at all, and she could not feel his body stiffening, let alone show any
sense of urgency.

She turned to find him sound asleep, his breathing rhythmic and his visage relaxed.

Cordy was left staring in disbelief-he actually fell asleep and very soundly at that!

Cordy was left heaving from the grievance that seemed to stay stuck on her chest and was left tossing
and turning, unsure if she was supposed to vent or to get his attention.

John could not help twitching a little just then, as if to pull away from Cordy.

He dreamed that he was crushing Cordy under his weight, making her uncomfortable, so he moved
aside-which left Cordy bristling! She was teasing him, only for him to move away!

Just as she was going to bite him, she spotted the dark circles under his eye, an obvious sign that he
had been working very hard lately.

That left her a little pained and she took a deep breath to calm herself.

Then, slowly shifting to his side, she wrapped her arms around him and slept-understanding how John
had trouble sleeping those nights before.

It was certainly uncomfortable…

It was the final week before the wedding, and a lot of the specific details were to be decided.

John basically hit the ground running when he arrived at the capital, and Cordy was naturally with him.

They finalized details and chose their wedding attire, even sparing the time to take wedding photos.

On the day of, the Cranstons were there too, so they took a full family photo.

As a dynasty, there were plenty of people in the Cranston family, but they had yet to take an actual
family photo.

Still, Jesse seemed to think that he would not have the chance to do it again if he did not do it now,
given how old he was.

Hence, every member of the family gathered at the photo studio…

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