Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1286

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John got out of the couch and headed over to the balcony.

He was the one who rejected Cordy’s advances, but he was also the one who suffered.

Days later, John’s second wedding with Cordy in the capital was underway.

Since he was supposed to receive Cordy from Cranston

Hall, he bought another mansion where the Levines would stay the night before.

Naturally, Zoe and Jay were there, while Quinn also stayed at a nearby hotel, just like the other friends
and associates from North City.

Cordy was yawning when Quinn and Zoe both arrived at Cranston Hall early in the morning, and the
servants led her to the room.

Zoe was ranting the instant she saw Cordy, “I knew the Cranstons were amazing, but I didn’t think that
they’d be this amazing. This old manor is so huge I’m sure I’ll lose my way in here—are you sure it’s
not a palace?! You’d be a princess or nobility, or at least royalty, if we were in medieval times.”

In reality, Zoe was not that far off the mark-the Cranstons had ties to royalty. Their roots were still
entrenched deeply that the family retained that influence, and they did deserve their placement as one
of the four most important dynasties in the nation.

Moreover, in addition to its historical significance, Cranston Hall was still expanding its walls every year,
and in the capital where every yard of land was worth its weight in gold, they basically occupied half a
street now.

What Zoe was seeing was just the tip of the iceberg—there were spots in the manor reserved for
tourism, but they still retained ownership even though tourists paid to come in for a look.

“To think my bestie is nobility-it’s an honor.” Zoe sighed emotionally before snapping indignantly, “I
mean, if they’d brought you back earlier, you’d be wiping Jessica Stuart and Noel Sachs’ faces on the

Cordy laughed. “They lost to me anyway even without my family’s help anyway.”

“Praise be to Cordy the Almighty!” Zoe promptly flattered her.

Cordy smiled faintly, though she also felt a little emotional- Noel and Jessica seemed to be ancient
history to her now.

In fact, Noel might have been released from prison since it had been years.

How would she live now?

She never came looking for Cordy—not that Cordy was kind enough to care.

Even if Noel did give every percent of Sachs Enterprise’ shares she owned to Cordy, neither of them
owed each other anything.

As for Jessica, there was even less reason to get sentimental about the dead.


Zoe suddenly yelped after getting changed.

Both Cordy and Quinn turned toward her in surprise-Cordy had already shown them their bridesmaid

Was there a need to get so excited?!

Nonetheless, Zoe was soon exclaiming in excitement,” John’s really ridiculous!”


“Check out the news right now,” Zoe urged.

Cordy, who was seated at the dressing table, took out her phone and tapped on the news app, still

The headlines popped up immediately: [Wedding of the Century! John Levine, richest man of North
City, ties the knot with heiress Cordy Cranston. All are invited!]

‘All are invited?!’

Cordy tapped on the article to find that early in the morning, John had sent flowers to every lady in the
capital, be it infants in cradles or the elderly!

It was certainly a national celebration, but that was not all — he bought billboards and livestream
timeslots to broadcast their wedding. Some TV channels would be broadcasting it live as well!

Cordy tapped on one of the streams to find John looking sharp in his black tuxedo and with a bouquet
in hand.

And every livestream comment was repeatedly praising his good looks!

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