Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1285

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Night had arrived by the time they were done taking photos, with both couples going out with Richard
for dinner.

Cordy, who had been busy taking care of Jesse for over a month, suddenly realized she had been
neglecting Richard a little.

It felt like her son had grown up again, and he resembled a teenager now.

“Are you used to the capital, Dicky?” Cordy asked him as she put food on his plate.

“Yeah.” Richard nodded.

“Your daddy and I won’t be here eventually. Will you get uncomfortable?”

“No. Uncle Sean’s been good to me-he’ll take good care of me,” Richard said cheerfully, showing no
signs of being coerced into this decision. “Don’t worry—just go back to North City with Daddy. I’ll be
fine here.”

“Yeah.” Cordy nodded, a little emotional just then.

Richard was the greatest surprise she ever had in this world, after all.

“I’ll take Dicky back to North City whenever there’s time too,” Sean said. “Though I hope you two will
come over instead.”


After dinner, the five of them returned to Cranston Hall, where the place was silent since it was very

They tried to keep things quiet as they returned to their rooms.

When Cordy and John returned to theirs, John prepared a bath for her. “You can bathe first.”

“Okay.” Cordy nodded and headed to the bathroom, though she paused at the doorway just as she was
about to enter.

John had taken off his suit and was seated on the couch, killing time on his phone.

Still, he looked up when he noticed Cordy poking her head out to stare at him. “What’s wrong? Is the
water too hot?”

“No.” Cordy shook her head.


“Want to bathe together?” Cordy asked.

John did a double take, surprised by Cordy’s bold suggestion.

“I mean, it’s late-and it would save time that way,” Cordy quickly added, blushing. “We still have to
check the lodgings for our guests tomorrow, don’t we? Well be leaving early tomorrow.”

John smiled. “There’s no need to go that far to save timetake your time, I’ll just take a break on the
couch first.”

Cordy frowned at John, really doubting that he did not catch her hint!

However, it had been a few days since John came to the capital, and they were not doing much even
though they shared the same bed.

She knew that the days were tiring, as they woke up early and slept late.

This, on the other hand… was ridiculous!

Gritting her teeth, Cordy turned and headed inside the bathroom, slamming the door shut a little

John could do whatever he wanted-she was not that eager anyway!

On the other hand, John smiled feebly as he watched her slam the door shut.

He naturally understood Cordy’s hint, just as she had dropped plenty over the last few days.

In fact, he almost fell for her seduction on occasion!

Even so, he was hoping that he could give her the best, so he could afford to wait another couple days.

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