Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1288

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John went down on one knee and offered her the bouquet he was holding.

Cordy grinned brightly, her white wedding dress magnifying her dazzlingly beautiful presence.

“I’ve come to get you, Cordy,” John said, his voice quiet and alluring.

Nearby, several cameras were capturing every moment, as if afraid to miss some exciting moment.

“Yeah, I’ve been waiting for you,” Cordy replied, looking at him lovingly in return.

If their last wedding was a surprise, she had truly been waiting for this.

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” Zoe exclaimed nearby, and everyone else echoed.

Cordy turned toward John while he returned her gaze.

They were not too sure how each other felt in the wedding at North City, so they might appear distant,
even estranged.

But this time, John held Cordy’s cheeks and kissed her firmly on the lips, not caring who was watching.

“Yeah!!!” Everyone exclaimed excitedly around them as they watched them kiss.

It was a loving, lasting kiss that one would not find even in movies.

There was both beauty and desire, while live comments all pondered if they really were allowed to
watch this for free.

The kiss lingered for a while until John reluctantly pulled away.

He stared at her blushing cheeks and reddened lips, feeling like he really had not had enough.

As he could not help leaning toward Cordy again, Bob tactlessly reminded him, “Johnny, we’re on a
schedule here…”

Cordy did a double take and avoided John’s kiss-he was the one who made a pass on her advances
the past few days, after all! And now he was getting eager in front of so many people?!

Really, the man was a true enigma!

Still, Cordy was still lost in thought when she suddenly felt herself rising into the air, and she quickly
wrapped her arms round John’s neck as he carried her out of the room.

Everyone followed, bringing much life to Cranston Hall.

Still, John suddenly paused at the parlor.

Jesse, Sean, and Richard were there, waiting before him.

John faced Jesse straight-on and bowed slightly, showing deference and respect.

Jesse looked at John in turn, and then at Cordy who was in his arms.

“Be good to her,” Jesse said.

“You have nothing to worry about, sir.”

And with that exchange, Jesse smiled and stood aside-it was his gesture of approval to let John take
Cordy with him.

John bowed to him once again before carrying Cordy away.

Cordy turned to look at her grandfather, her vision blurred with tears.

She was suddenly reminded of her mother, who must have felt regret that she did not have Jesse’s
blessing for her marriage!

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