Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1290

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Cordy smiled. “We’ll be seeing each other soon.”

“Yeah, but…” John trailed off.

“What is it?”

“You just said you love me.”

While Cordy was left speechless, he said, “I love you too.”

“I know,” Cordy replied calmly, though she could feel butterflies in her stomach.

“See you later,” John said then, reluctantly releasing her hand.

However, before Cordy turned to leave, she suddenly turned and threw her hands around his neck,
standing on her toes to kiss him.

As John froze, she said, “I’m not going to run away, John Levine. Never ever.”

“Yeah.” He smiled and nodded.

Naturally, Zoe was smiling pointedly at Cordy when she entered the dressing room. “I saw everything,
y’know… he must be beside himself with joy right now. Heck, I bet he has a big dumb smile on his face
in the dressing room.”

Cordy blushed, but she had to agree it was likely.

“Well, you’re finally going to be with him now.” Zoe sighed emotionally.” Honestly? It’d kill me too if you
didn’t end up with him.”

In reality, Cordy thought she would find it a terrible regret too.

“Well, now that things are settled on our end…” Zoe said, tuning toward Quinn. “You’re the one left,

Quinn had been sitting quietly in a corner and only came to her senses when she heard her name.

She smiled. “What about me?”

“Your rocky marriage, girl!” Zoe said bluntly.

Cordy turned toward Quinn as well.

Zoe was not as carefree as everyone would think, since she actually empathized with others a lot.

She just did not like to get all mushy over it.

“I’m fine.” Quinn smiled.

“What, you’re actually doing fine with Sam Saunders?” Zoe frowned.

“I mean, my marriage has always been rocky. I’m used to it.”

“Used to it? Marriage is for life-don’t get used to that!” Zoe snapped sternly. ‘ Are you going to stay
married to that man like that and leave things so ambiguous between you two?!”

Quinn could not argue against that.

“Heck, I never understood what’s the deal between you and Sam,” Zoe huffed. “You used to loathe him,
but now, years later, you have feelings for him?! And he has a criminal record, even serving time! Can
you just leave him?! There’s plenty of good men out there-even Bob Davis is more ideal!”

“Come on, Zoe,” Cordy snapped, a little speechless just then. “Offer proper advice. Don’t even joke
around about that.” “What, do you think I wouldn’t know what Sam’s like after growing up with John and
the gang?! The man has so many women that he’d never settle

for one!”

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