Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1275

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John certainly had mixed emotions about staying, since he was really looking forward to Cordy’s period
to be over.

And yet, he ended up the victim of yet another poorly-timed bombshell.

“I would like to be alone for a while,” Jesse suddenly said, his voice still weary. “Not you, Sean. Stay for
a moment.”

“Come on,” John said, leading Cordy while putting a hand around her shoulder.

Patrick glanced at Sean, who nodded-he more or less knew why his grandfather told him to stay.

Patrick refrained from speaking in turn and followed Cordy and John out of the ward.

Even the medical staff left, leaving just Jesse with Sean.

Jesse started to sit up, and Sean hurried over to put a pillow vertically behind his back so that he could
sit more comfortably.

Nonetheless, Jesse soon asked bluntly, “What’s the deal with you and Patrick Stuart?”

Sean did not actually mention anything about him and Patrick while Jesse was in a coma. He knew his
grandfather would not accept it and did not want to burden him.

However, it was obvious that Jesse was far more formidable than what Sean gave him credit for and
could tell immediately something was going on between him and Patrick.

As such, Sean pursed his lips and admitted to it. “It’s exactly what you think it is, Grandfather.”

“Preposterous!” Jesse snapped a little too loudly.

Cordy and the others were outside. They would not have heard Jesse, but they certainly could when he
was being that loud.

Cordy turned toward Patrick, obviously aware of what Jesse was upset about.

However, Patrick simply remained silent.

It was not as if he was not worried-he simply trusted Sean.

At the same time, Sean had his lower back as he said,” Please calm down, Grandfather. You’ve just
recovered, and you can wait until you’re better before you scold me-or mete out whatever punishment
you have in mind. Your health matters.”

“I pinned all my hopes on you, Sean,” Jesse huffed in disappointment. “You know that none in our
family are special, and I won’t rest easy if any of them took control of the family estate. That’s why I
personally groomed you, but this is the way you repay me?! Do you want our lineage to end under your

“I already have that covered, Grandfather.” Sean said, knowing that his grandfather would not rest until
he gave his grandfather something to work with.

“How so?!” Jesse remained agitated.

“Like you said, everyone in the family isn’t worth inheriting the family estate. However, Cordy is,” Sean
said bluntly.

Jesse brinked, actually swayed ever so slightly.

“However, I’d understand if you have misgivings about it since Cordy isn’t technically a Cranston, which
is why I believe Dicky is the better choice,” Sean said.

Jesse twitched again-though he was glaring at Sean, he did not argue.

Sean hence went on to elaborate, “Cordy, John, and I have come to an agreement. Dicky will stay with
us, and I’ll groom him personally so that he can become strong enough to lead the family. While I
personally hope that he’ll change it, he doesn’t have to, and I’d still have to ask for Cordy and John’s
permission-even if I think they’d say yes. I’m sure you know about Dicky’s potential, and he would have
no issues taking leadership if we start with him now.”

“You’ve really covered all corners, huh?” Jesse growled coolly.

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