Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1291

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Quinn said, “Actually, Sam changed a lot… He hasn’t been fooling around ever since he got out…”

Zoe was speechless. “And that makes him an acceptable husband?”

“No, but…”

“But what?” Zoe demanded.

Quinn had no idea how to explain the many things that happened between her and Sam.

Moreover, she was the one who had him sent to prison…

“Time’s almost up, ladies. It’s time for the bride to take the stage,” a staff member called out from the
stage just then.

Zoe therefore had to give up, and she sighed. “I’ll talk to you later.”

They strode out, and Cordy saw John immediately.

They both stood before the red carpet, both sides of which were arranged with tables full of guests.

There were red ribbons and decorations everywhere, livening up the atmosphere in the wedding hall.

The spotlight found Cordy and John once the appointed hour arrived.

In her wedding dress, Cordy appeared prim and magnificent, appearing brighter and more dazzling as
if she was above the rest.

Zoe could not help being amazed as she looked on. “You’re just so beautiful, Cordy!”

Quinn agreed. “Yes. And not just that… she’s so blessed.”

So much so that it was a cause for envy.

Quinn could not tear her eyes away from John and Cordy as she wondered how hard they worked for
their happiness.

Sam and Bob were there too, as they were John’s best men.

Bob was complaining, “Best man again… At this rate, I wont get a wife. I might have to live out my days
in Johnny’s service.”

Sam chuckled.

“Shut up,” Bob huffed. “You can be the best man as many times you want since you’re married. I’m still
single, you know.”

“Cora Levine’s always waiting, y’know?” Sam pointed out. “Don’t get stubborn. Just give in.”

“I’ve already given up,” Bob shrugged. “There’s no better option anyway.”

Sam did not expose him, and he turned to see Quinn nearby.

He certainly noticed that she was staring at Cordy and John for a while, with a look of envy and

John and Cordy were certainly a picture of happiness, and it was the most ideal state one could hope
for from marriage.

Those were circumstances completely different from theirs.

In fact, it was understandable Quinn would envy Cordy for being able to marry a man she loved… while
she did not.

The wedding ceremony was short and simple, and it was over amid the emcee’s sonorous cheer. “I
now pronounce you husband and wife!”

As Cordy turned to face the crowd, they found Jesse and Nancy sitting at the front table.

Jesse had a tender gaze as he watched Cordy, and she returned his gaze, understanding that he saw
her mother in her.

There were tears in his eyes as Cordy smiled at him, and he smiled mildly in return to hide his tears.

It was a scene that was broadcasted over tons of platforms-there had been speculations that
Cranstons had abandoned Cordy or they would have acknowledged Cordy way earlier. She was born
as a member of the Sachs family too, and it was only because of John that they finally accepted Cordy.

But now, those speculations were clearly refuted wordlessly with the way Jesse looked at Cordy.

While one could argue that it was just an act, they must consider the man named Jesse Cranston here.

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