Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1292

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There was no way a man like Jesse would put up an act for the cameras- his status and age certainly
made that unnecessary.

And there was no denying the look of adoration and love he was giving Cordy.

To say that he did not care about Cordy now would be nothing but obstinance or just lip service to earn

Cordy then turned toward John, and they held each other gazes.

They were both smiling with tears in their eyes.

Was she being emotional? Happy? Or just reveling in bliss?

Cordy could not quite describe how she felt just then, but she earnestly felt that this happiness would
last the rest of her life.

The hall thundered with applause-there was nothing mushy about the ceremony, but there was just
something emotional about their union.

One would even start sniffling or tearing up-in fact, Zoe was doing it at the moment.

“It’s their second wedding,” she sniffled loudly. “How is it still so emotional? N

Quinn’s tears welled in her eyes too-but there was just something beautiful and envious when it came
to a fulfilling love.

“I think I’d stop believing in love if they get a divorce,” Zoe sobbed.

Quinn giggled. “What, don’t you believe in your marriage with Jay?”

“I have more faith in Cordy and John’s.”

“Jay’s heart would break from that, y’know.”

“Glad he’s not here, then.” Zoe smiled mischievously.

She always was able to clear the air when things got overly sentimental.

“But if I had to compare, I have even less faith in you and Sam,” Zoe suddenly added.

Quinn pursed her lips-Zoe had to ruin the nice atmosphere they had going.

At the same time, Sam turned toward them.

They were not exactly far from each other, and Zoe was not speaking softly either.

Nonetheless, Zoe continued seriously, “You should just divorce him already before things get really

Quinn stayed silent, and Sam took that for a tacit agreement.

He smiled faintly-fortunately, he never held any hope in Quinn.

Meanwhile, the wedding ceremony was formally over, and the emcee said, “Let’s give our newlyweds a
round of applause!”

With that, John took Cordy’s hand as they got off stage and left the wedding hall.

The ceremony was short, and once John and Cordy were gone, the emcee invited everyone to enjoy
the luncheon served.

Naturally, all the dishes were delicacies of the highest order.

Zoe lifted her skirt as she said, “Come on. Let’s go eat.”

She always was a glutton, but she was especially hungry all the time recently.

She had breakfast earlier and still needed brunch for some reason.

And now, she was hungry again, i

“Ladies and gentlemen…” A staff member approached them just then.

“Yeah?” Zoe asked, turning toward him and presuming that they were being ushered to the tables.

This was certainly the simplest wedding-they just had to wake early, escort John and Cordy to the
wedding hall, help them change their attire a couple of times, and it was all done.

It was almost delightful!

However, while Zoe was thinking that this escort task was all too easy, the staff member told them,
“The newlyweds have left for their honeymoon. The four of you are now tasked with the guests’

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