Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1293

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Zoe was left staring at the staff member and wondering if she had heard him wrong.


The bride and groom had left for their honeymoon and left all those guests behind?!

And the best men and bridesmaids were supposed to handle the guests?!

Those two… They really bailed on everyone!

Meanwhile, the staff member continued, “This way, please. We’ve prepared drinks for you to share
toasts with the guests.”

Cordy was actually surprised that John led her straight out of the hotel once the wedding was over.

There was a car waiting at the front entrance, and John opened the door for her, helping her with her
cumbersome dress before getting him inside.

And as the car drove away, Cordy was left staring at the hotel that seemed to shrink in the distance.

It took her a while to regain her senses. “Where are we going?”

Were they not staying for the luncheon?

And if they left so suddenly, what would happen to the guests?

“We’re going for our honeymoon.”

“What?” Cordy was left staring at him.

“We’re going for our honeymoon.”

“Now? When I’m dressed like this?! Wait, we’re just going to leave before the wedding is over?!” Cordy
exclaimed in disbelief.

John was supposed to be rational-did he consider the consequences of bailing on everyone?!

She was afraid to even imagine it.

“Don’t worry. I’ve told your grandfather about this.”

“And he agreed?!” Cordy exclaimed in surprise-Jesse was always prim and proper!

How would he agree to something so unorthodox?!

“He did,” John said proudly nonetheless.

“How did you convince him?”

“I pointed out that we haven’t consummated despite being married for a while. And having been
married himself, he understands.”

While Cordy was left speechless, John added, “I told your cousin too. Sean will help with the guests,
and he assured me that I have nothing to worry about on my honeymoon.”

Cordy became suspicious. “You have leverage against him, don’t you?”

“Nope,” John admitted. “He just thinks highly of me. I mean, he’s already interested in having me help
with the Cranston family estate even before they discovered your ties to them…”

Cordy wondered if it would be better if he said Sean was ‘interested’ in him -she would have an easier
time buying that.

“As for my family, I’ve spoken to my aunt and Jay. They’ll help too,” John added.

Cordy rolled her eyes—the man must have planned this for a while!

John then remembered. “As for greeting the guests during the luncheon, my best men and your
bridesmaids will handle that.”

“And they agreed to it too?” Cordy exclaimed in surprise but thought it was only natural that those four

They were all their best friends, and things would especially be lively with Zoe’s personality.

Still, it was weird that Cordy never heard a word of complaint from Zoe…

“Nope. I never said a word.”


“In fact, they just found out like you did.” John grinned. “It’s a surprise.”

“For me, maybe,” Cordy said slowly and clearly. “It would be a scare for them.”

John did not seem to care.

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