Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1294

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John said, “My priority right now is to spend time alone with you without anyone disturbing us.”

“Even if that means abandoning Dicky too?” Cordy raised a brow.

“Can’t deny that he’s the biggest third-wheel now.”

“To think that he’s always worshiped you.” Cordy smirked-the man was really leaving their son to his
own devices.

“He’ll understand when he’s older.”

Cordy snorted-always an excuse for everything, huh?

“Anyway, we have nothing to worry about. Just relax and enjoy our time alone together.”

Cordy inhaled deeply.

There was nothing she could do after he had gone that far anyway, so she just had to play along.

She also did not want to think how badly Zoe would chew her out for this when they got back.

As a matter of fact, Zoe wanted to chew out John and Cordy right now.

There were eighty tables seated full of guests, and they had to greet everyone, table by table!

And forget about picking up their mess-they still needed to come up with excuses for the newlyweds’

And after doing a lap around the hall, Zoe felt like she could die.

Jay, Sean, and Patrick were all waiting at the table as the four of them sat down.

After all, they were all Cordy’s best friends.

And being one of the hosts, Sean offered them personal hospitality.

“Urgh, I’m beat. I feel like I could die,” Zoe complained miserably. “John and Cordy had better not come
back! How dare they bail on us like that?!”

“It’s difficult for them to finally get married, and they were busy even after their wedding,” Quinn
reasoned. “It’s understandable if they can’t wait to have some time alone.”

“I know, but…” Zoe trailed off and snorted. “Whatever-I’m hungry. No, I’m hungry and tired. Let’s start

“You’re hungry and tired, but you’re drinking?”

“Haven’t you heard? It relieves tension.” Zoe grinned and turned toward Sean, who sat across from her.
“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr.

Cranston. We must drink-don’t you agree?”

Sean quickly said, “Of course. All the more reason to do so since Cordy and John aren’t around.”

“See? The man has spoken.” Zoe smiled at Quinn.

Quinn did not press the issue, since Zoe could hold her liquor anyway. Moreover, she could take a nap
afterward since there was nothing to do in the afternoon, and it would not affect her greeting the guests
in the evening.

Sean popped open a bottle of vodka and poured everyone a glass.

However, when Zoe picked hers up and was about to take a sip, she retched loudly. “Bleurgh.”

Quinn looked at her in surprise. “Don’t like the taste?”

“The smell is just a little strong,” Zoe said, quickly putting down her glass.

“It is a unique flavor,” Sean said, noticing Zoe’s reaction just then. “You can have something else if
you’re not used to it-which do you prefer, wine or beer?”

“Beer,” Zoe said, withstanding the queasiness in her belly while feeling puzzled.

She never did like vodka, but not to the point that she got literally sick.

“Okay.” Sean beckoned for a waiter to fetch a beer, while Zoe pushed her glass of vodka away-even
the sight of it made her queasy somehow.

Noting her reaction, Jay asked beside her, “Are you that tired today?’

“Yeah,” Zoe quickly nodded. “It’s been a while since I’ve felt like this… It’s like I could turn into jelly. It’s
never happened before, but I think I have a cold, yet my symptoms don’t point to a cold.”

“What symptoms?” Jay asked.

“Tiredness, hunger, and vomiting,” Zoe said. “I think I woke too early this morning-1 almost puked when
I rinsed my mouth!’

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