Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1297

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After the luncheon, Jay took Zoe to the hospital, while Quinn stayed at the wedding hall to mingle with
the guests.

Her cheeks were a little red, and she was slightly drunk but still coherent.

Moreover, she was doing this for Cordy and naturally must not be careless.

Sam was nowhere to be seen, though she knew that he always hated to mingle. In fact, the more
formal an event, the more spiteful he would be.

He simply preferred to hang out with his buddies, though Bob remained at the wedding hall to mingle
with the guests as well. However, he did not stay for too long and left once he saw that the Cranstons
were helping with the guests diligently.

“Why don’t you get some rest, Quinn?” Sean asked in concern when he saw her after going one round
around the hall. “You must be tired-you’ve been on your feet for a while, and you were up early this

“I’m fine.” Quinn shook her head. “Cordy’s friends from North City are here, and I should greet them
since I’m more familiar with them.”

Sean did not press the issue. “Just get some rest when you’re tired.”

“Okay.” Quinn smiled.

Sean smiled in return and nodded politely before leaving.

In truth, Quinn was tired and would like to rest. However, considering that she ended up in the same
room with Sam before, it would not be surprising if they were arranged to stay in the same room again.

And right now, she did not know how to get along with Sam-perhaps she should have given up far
earlier like Zoe had put it.

As she continued to mingle with the guests, Bob and Sam left their room and came downstairs. They
had only taken a bath to sober up before returning to help with the guests.

Even if John had scapegoated them, they would do what he asked even if they were in tears.

As such, they saw Quinn and Sean standing together just then. Bob and Sam could not hear what they
were talking about, but Quinn was smiling very sweetly at Sean.

Sam’s expression changed ever so slightly at that.

And being a good friend of his for years, Bob could perceive Sam’s emotions were ruffled.

“You’re actually jealous?” he asked.

“Nope,” Sam replied, averting his eyes.

“Well, Sean has a mature charm-he is Quinn’s type, though we know how Sean swings too, don’t we?”
Bob teased.

“I’m not jealous,” Sam growled and walked away.

Bob watched as he left.

Sam really was stubborn-even Bob had trouble understanding why he would treat Quinn like that.

Would he have reacted if he had no feelings for Quinn?

And yet, each occasion when Quinn tried to bridge their distance, he would keep her at arm’s length.

If he really did lose her and had to start chasing after her, that would be quite the day…

Later in the afternoon, Quinn ended up feeling a little tired and headed to a corner to get a cool drink
and clear her head.

She was surprised to find Bob and Sam returning to the hall, appearing a little lively as they eagerly
mingled with the guests, looking like the life of the party as they stood in the crowd.

She was all the more surprised to see Sam having a laugh with the guests- she had always believed
that he would never get involved on such occasions.

And yet, he was doing it and actually looked the part.

She was left staring at him until he turned toward her, frowning and clearly a little annoyed that she was
staring at him.

Quinn quickly averted her eyes, herself unsure why she would space out staring at him.

Perhaps it was because it had been a while since she watched him in the open?

He would stop her with a hostile glare whenever she tried, and she gradually developed an instinct to
evade him.

Even so, she realized that he had changed considerably from watching him just now-his hair was
growing out again after he shaved himself bald while incarcerated. It seemed to dull his edge, and
made him better looking.

He was handsome anyway, with a fine face aside from that menacing height.

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