Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1303

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Sam snapped hostilely, “Don’t bother with your feigned niceties!”

He was clearly upset with her.

Quinn’s eyes welled with tears as she watched him. She was clearly just trying to be nice…

“Get out! I’m trying to sleep here!”

Quinn bit her lip and left without another word.

She was going to call a concierge to get breakfast prepared for him, but he probably would not want it.
In fact, he might take it as a gesture of harassment, waking him while he was sleeping.

Once Quinn was gone, Sam tempestuously leapt out of the chaise lounge and headed over to the bed
to sleep.

He was already in a bad mood because Quinn woke him, and he could guess that Ryan called her.

Ryan had actually called him, inviting him to join him with Quinn on a trip around the capital, but he
rejected it without hesitation, saying that he was going out with Bob.

He was instinctively repulsed by his own brother.

To no surprise, Ryan said that he would bring Quinn along since he was not going.

“Whatever,” he told Ryan at the time.

Now that he thought about it, Ryan told him since the latter knew he would never go with them. It was
just a matter of courtesy since he and Quinn were still married.

To hell with courtesy!

And what gave Quinn the right to have an affair while he only got to sleep on the couch?!

As he slipped under the blanket, his temper flared further since he caught a whiff of Quinn’s scent.

He actually hoped that she would reject Ryan too. He even presumed that Quinn might really be
warming up to him lately, and there was even sentiment involved…

It was all just his presumption.

Quinn loved Ryan and not him ever since she was a child!

Quinn hurried to the hotel entrance.

She never liked being late or making others wait and therefore reached Ryan as soon as she could.

When Ryan saw that, he smiled.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” she said in apology.

Ryan grinned. “It’s fine. I’m not busy.”

“Let’s go,” Quinn said, ready to get into the car.

“Wait.” Ryan suddenly stopped her.

“What?” Quinn exclaimed in surprise.

Ryan reached out to her hair and she froze before dodging out of the way.

While Ryan’s hand was left awkwardly hanging in the air, Quinn took a step back and smiled. “What’s
wrong? Is there something on my face?”

“No, your hair was just messy,” Ryan replied, slowly lowering his hand.

He had presumed that she could not wait to see him when he saw her run toward him so urgently, but
she was now keeping her distance?

Well, it made sense since they should not be intimate given their current relationship-Quinn had always
been a moral, principled person. She would never do anything that would violate her discipline.

“Get in. You can use the mirror in the car,” he said mildly and opened the door for her in a true
chivalrous fashion.

“Thank you,” Quinn said as she got in, and saw that her bangs were a mess since she was running.

She tidied herself, closed the mirror, and was about to ask Ryan where they were going when Ryan
passed her a box of meatloaf and milk. “You didn’t have breakfast, did you?”

While Quinn’s heart skipped a beat, Ryan said, “That’s the best meatloaf in town. Try it-skipping
breakfast is bad for your health too.”

“Yeah,” Quinn replied and started eating.

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