Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1304

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The food was good—Ryan still remembered what Quinn liked, and she would be lying if she said that
she did not feel touched.

It was hard not to compare Ryan to Sam, who were as different as heaven was to earth.

“Is it good?” Ryan asked.


“Can you finish it?”

“No,” Quinn admitted-it was a large box of meatloaf, and she could only eat half at most.

“Feed me if it’s alright with you. I haven’t had breakfast yet,” Ryan said.

“You haven’t eaten? Why didn’t you eat while you waited for me?” Quinn exclaimed in surprise.

“It would get cold if I let the hot steam out, and I wasn’t hungry.”

Quinn pursed her lips, and held a slice of meatloaf near his mouth, and as he bit down, his lips touched
her finger.

Quinn stiffened and put the slice on the handbrake housing.” Eat it when you can.”

“Yeah,” Ryan replied with an obvious grin.

Quinn must be embarrassed from touching him just now.

Soon, they arrived at the city wall-where the capital lacked tourist spots, there were plenty of historical

They walked quite far along the ramparts, and Quinn had enough stamina to keep going.

Ryan was quite studied in history, and as they admired the sights of ancient wonders, Quinn listened to
his narratives since it made him an interesting tour guide.

“Let’s check in,” Ryan suddenly said.


Ryan took out his phone and tapped on selfie mode. “Come over here, Quinn, or I’d miss you.”

Quinn hesitated. She eventually moved closer but kept a polite distance.

“Smile,” Ryan said.

Quinn refused. “I don’t look good smiling.”

“Nonsense. Your smile is beautiful,” Ryan insisted. “Now, smile-l’m taking the photo now.”

Quinn ultimately smiled as they took the photo.

Ryan then asked, “Why don’t I help you take a few photos?”

“I’m fine.”

“For posterity. You can’t come here and take nothing back, right?”

Quinn gave in and took a few photos before getting off the city walls.

It was lunch by then, and she swiped through her phone to kill time.

Before she noticed it, she was swiping through her social feed and saw that Ryan had already
uploaded the photos, even captioning it as ‘going on a trip around the capital with Quinn’.

Aside from their selfie, every other photo was of her alone.

Quinn was surprised Ryan would upload them-he was rarely active on social media.

However, while she wondered what to tell Ryan so that he deleted the photos, she saw that Sam had
already liked those photos, albeit without a comment.

What was that supposed to mean? Had he read it, or…

“My photos are good, right?” Ryan smiled then, noticing that she was scrolling through her social feed.

Quinn pursed her lips and said, “You can take me home after lunch, Ryan.”

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