Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1309

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Sam’s eyes were bloodshot even as he glared at Quinn from the back. “Are you crazy?!”

However, he was more flustered than angry.

After all, he was convinced he had anticipated all her potential reaction to finding him cheating.

The first one was her leaping at him and slapping him, though that would be unusual given her

The second would be chasing away the woman-she had done that before.

The third-which Sam thought was most likely—was her turning to leave without a care.

And she did leave… only to return, even starting to take off her clothes!

Sam was certainly caught stunned, and he fumbled to zip her dress back up. “You’ve really lost your

As Quinn turned toward him, her tears were gushing down her cheeks.

She looked so wounded Sam could not say what was on his mind-he was caught by surprise she
would cry so miserably and in his presence.

It was as if he had dumped her, leaving her in despair… but was she not in love with Ryan?!

He stared at her then, appearing helpless, unable to say a word or do anything.

“I can do it too, Sam,” Quinn said miserably then.

“What?” He frowned, not quite understanding what she was saying.

All he could see was her tears, and he actually wanted to wipe them off.

“I can sleep with you.” Quinn continued to sob, as if she could not stop from her misery.

Sam pursed her lips, still unable to say anything as he suddenly felt afraid of her crying.

It was no different from when they were children, and it was not like he wanted to make her cry back

But whenever she had her eyes on Ryan, she would never notice him until he played a prank on her.

And every time she cried, he would panic.

But when he tried to make amends, she would throw herself into Ryan’s arms, seeking solace… The
same thing happened repeatedly over time-he would bully her, she would go to Ryan, and he would
then bully her again after seeing how sugary she was with Ryan.

It eventually developed into a vicious cycle.

“I learned some skills over the last few years…”

Meanwhile, Quinn was doing her best to calm down-even she was surprised she was this miserable to
see Sam in bed with another woman.

It felt like her world was falling apart, and she kept asking herself why Sam would do this.

Did he not care that she was working so hard for him?

“What?” Sam had no idea what Quinn was saying-she was stuttering and sobbing too much, barely
forming a coherent sentence.

“You said I was bad, right? I practiced in secret… The last three years…”

“What?!” Sam bellowed as he came to the realization that Quinn was working hard practicing sexual

She learned?! From who?!

He could swear right then-like any other man, he cared more about chastity than ‘skill’!

Moreover, he never despised her for being unskilled, aside from that romp in the car…

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