Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1308

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From the looks of it, the woman was nude.

Quinn had the feeling that Sam was naked when he lay in bed before as well.

Could it be…

Quinn strode up to the bed while Sam frowned, watching her every move.

He thought she would turn and leave right away when she caught them-that was how it always went
with her.

But now, she suddenly turned back!

“Kyah!” The woman in the bed suddenly yelped as Quinn pulled the blanket off her.

She had been using that blanket just last night, and now, another woman was using it?

Did Sam really not find that filthy? Was it not possible for him to do this elsewhere?

Did it have to be the bed she slept in, and must he let her see this?!

“What are you doing?!” Sam bellowed as he pulled Quinn away a little forcefully.

Quinn almost stumbled and fell, but he caught her in reflex.

Still, he released her at the next instant and growled impatiently, “Get out.”

With those words, he promptly turned away, leaving Quinn staring at his cold figure.

To think that she told Ryan confidently that Sam’s no longer fooled around with other women…

It certainly was a slap in her face and one that stung terribly.

She bit her lip until it turned pale white… but even as silence lingered in the room, Quinn suddenly
lowered her head and started undressing, leaving the other woman in shock.

Was she joining them?! The excitement was too much and she was not prepared for it!

Sam kept her back on Quinn, waiting for her to leave.

He knew that she was coming back.

Ryan had texted him beforehand, telling him to stop holding her hostage since he felt nothing for her-
that she was guilty for sending him to prison and always wanted to make up for it.

He insisted that the drunk driving was Sam’s own fault, and Quinn should not have to bear that cross.

But in a nutshell, he just meant to say to Sam that he should not blackmail Quinn emotionally—that she
had the right to pursue her own happiness.

However, was Ryan not also implying that she would be happy with him?

There was no doubt about it-Quinn had always loved Ryan.

And even though Sam had never resorted to emotional blackmail, Quinn definitely was forcing herself
to stay in an unhappy situation.

In that sense, Sam was in the way of Quinn’s right to be happy, which was why he should let her free.

Nonetheless, Sam’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

He could clearly see what Quinn was doing through the reflection on the glass wall.

He wheeled on her, but she had already dropped her cardigan on the floor, leaving just the bra

She did not hesitate to reach out and start to unfasten that either. However, she could unhook it for a
long while, perhaps clouded by her anger or nerves.

“What are you doing, Quinn?!” Sam bellowed in rage, his eyes red with fury.

Quinn did not answer. She simply turned her slender back to him and asked, “Can you help me with

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