Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1307

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“I know you’re nice and good at heart, Quinn, but I’d rather you open your eyes,” Ryan said, his voice
becoming stern. “If you keep going like this, you’ll hurt yourself and Sam too.”

Quinn was slightly stunned, and as she stared fixedly at Ryan, he continued, “You should know that
you’re the one who calls the shots in your marriage with Sam—he’d never divorce you as long as our
parents are around. But have you considered his feelings in the matter? He can’t get a divorce, and the
media would have a field day with him if he messes around with other women-he’s stuck between a
rock and a hard place too.”

“But I think-“

“That he likes you? Just because he came for you even if he was drunk?” Ryan demanded.

Quinn nodded-she definitely felt that Sam was into her.

Why else would he go that far?

Forget drunk driving—he would never leave the bar once he started drinking.

And yet, he went to get her just from a phone call despite the downpour and the alcohol.

She had to admit that she was touched, her emotions stirring because of him for the first time.

She therefore waited until he got out from prison, earnestly

hoping to start over with him—but he rejected all her advances.

“You’re too naive, Quinn,” Ryan told her. “No one would ignore you in the same situation. Sam did it
merely out of altruism, and his drunk driving was because of his own disregard for the law. Don’t mix

those two up.“


“I won’t push you right now. I don’t mind giving you time to recognize the truth,” Ryan said as he looked
at Quinn with a pained look in his eyes. “I don’t want to hurt you, but it seems that you don’t want to
give up.”

Quinn was silent.

Yes, she still wanted to fight for this—she was convinced that she still stood a chance with Sam.

“I’ll send you back to your hotel after this,” Ryan said.


“Silly,” Ryan said, reaching out to pat her head tenderly like he always did when they were children.

Quinn had been dependent on him back then too, but now, it felt like something had changed.

Perhaps people would simply change after they grow up..

After lunch, Ryan sent Quinn back to the hotel as promised and opened the door for her in true
chivalrous fashion as always.

“Promise me that you would tell me immediately if Sam ever hurts you,” he told her. “Don’t bottle up
your feelings-it hurts me to see that.”

Quinn pursed her lips, feeling like she knew even less on how to deal with him these days.

“Go on,” he then said.

Quinn nodded in silence and headed into the hotel lobby.

She could feel his eyes lingering on her for a long while. Though she would have been grateful about it
before, it was now just a burden.

As Quinn returned to her room, she saw that most guests who attended the wedding were leaving, and
wondered if Sam left as well.

While Ryan mentioned that he was going out with Bob, it was now past 2 PM-he was probably gone by

That was what Quinn thought as she took out her room card and opened the door.

When she entered, she thought she had the wrong room and quickly tried to leave, but she soon froze.

This had to be her and Sam’s room-how else could she have opened it?

Her eyes turned puffy and red right then, her vision blurring.

How could Sam do this?!

She gritted her teeth and returned inside.

Sam was frowning-he had just gotten out of bed, having nothing but a pair of boxers on and wearing
nothing from the waist up.

And with him was the woman in bed…

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