Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1305

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Ryan did a double take before exclaiming in surprise, “But we just visited one place and I had two
others in mind. They aren’t that far either-are you tired or perhaps busy?”

“Neither,” Quinn replied.

“Well, you’re here anyway-you should at least have some fun before you get home. Don’t worry, I won’t
lose you,” Ryan joked.

“We should be keeping our distance.” Quinn cut straight to the point right then.

Ryan’s smile stiffened. “Do you have to be so distant, Quinn?”

“Nothing would come of this. And I don’t want you to cause any misunderstanding between me and

“Why?” Ryan asked Quinn. “I know how you feel-that you love me and not him. Why are you changing
your mind now that we can be together? Are my parents pressuring you? Don’t worry. I’ll talk to them
and take responsibility for anything-“

“It’s not them,” Quinn said, cutting him short. “I don’t love you anymore.”

Ryan froze in shock, not quite able to register the heartache he felt while wondering if he was hearing

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll admit that I used to love you, that I was devastated when you left me at the altar. It hurt so much,
and I couldn’t begin to understand why you’d run away. I guess I was disappointed, so I agreed to your

parents’ suggestion to marry Sam. I can admit that it was to repay their support for me over the years,
and most importantly, it was my way of getting back at you.”

“Then why would you-“

“That’s all in the past. Right now, I just want to stay with Sam, ” Quinn said slowly and clearly. “Feelings
change with time. I no longer yearn for you now-all I want is to stay with Sam.”

“Because you feel like you owe him?” Ryan asked her.

He was not going to believe that Quinn had fallen out of love with him—it was as if she was still into
him, and that would not change no matter how much time passed.

“No,” Quinn replied. “Maybe I just find him worth it.”

“He’s worth it? Worth what, spending the rest of your life with him? Don’t you know how much he fools

“That’s in the past. He never did so ever since he left prison,” Quinn explained.

It was no lie either.

Ryan cut to the point in turn. “Sam’s drunk driving had nothing to do with you.”

“I told you, it’s nothing to do with that-“

“You did ask him to get you, but he was the one driving

under influence, and that’s his fault. You didn’t force him into anything. Him ending up in prison was his
own fault!” Ryan snapped in agitation.

Quinn bit her lip.

It was pouring that night, and she was discussing a divorce lawsuit with a client late into the night.

That was when she got into an accident.

She was already a bad driver, and with the belting rain, she slammed into the scaffolding nearby when
a semi truck flashed its high beam at her.

Horrified, she called Sam in panic. “Sam, I was in an accident, and it’s pouring out there. Can you
come and get me?”


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