Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1312

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‘Did I misunderstand anything?” Sam asked nonchalantly.

“You did,” Quinn said confidently. “I was surprised Ryan uploaded it at all.”

“And you would’ve pretend it never happened if he didn’t?” Sam snorted in amusement. “That there’s
nothing going on between you two?”

“No,” Quinn was a little flustered-Sam was never that shrewd.

His grades were poor and he always goofed up, and yet she could not retort against what he said.

Still, she said patiently, “I mean, he and I were just taking normal photos of our travels, but it
complicates matters when he posted it. That’s why I was worried you’d misunderstand—that’s why I
came back.”

Sam’s heart skipped a beat-she seemed serious about this…

That was when Quinn snapped, “And I ran into… this!”

Her tears welled in her eyes again when she remembered seeing Sam in bed with a woman.

She bit her lip in silent misery, while Sam was left confused by her reaction.

Was she seriously upset that he appeared to be cheating on her, or did she really have feelings for

But she never liked him-even when they were children.

Now that Ryan was back in the game and obviously chasing after her, she had even less reason to turn
him down.

Nonetheless, Quinn asked, “Could you promise me you’d stop doing this?”

As Sam stayed silent, she looked him in the eye. “Please?”

He never had a woman since he left prison anyway, but he could not bring himself to tell her yes.

He just did not think Quinn loved him and was worried that her affection was just his imagination.

Moreover, she was probably doing this out of guilt.

Still, Quinn did not press him. “You should take your bath. I’ll prepare it for you.”

She understood that he would not change right away—this was a long process, and she had to give
him time and patience…

“Quinn.” Sam suddenly stopped her.

“What is it?” she asked, turning around.

“Actually, the woman-“

“Yo, Sam!”

The door suddenly swung open, and Bob’s arrival cut Sam short.

As he stood at the door, he got the creeps as Sam and

Quinn had both turned to stare at him.

Was he imposing?

But they were both dressed respectfully and there was a huge gap between them… it did not look like
they were up to anything.

“What are you doing here?!” Sam huffed.

It was not easy for him to muster his courage to come clean to Quinn, only for Bob to get in the way!

Bob was equally annoyed and waved his wristwatch at Sam. “You told me to come get you at four,
saying we’d go sightseeing around the capital. Sure, I came five minutes earlier, but that’s how much I
respect you!”

They never were polite since they were good enough friends to dispense with formalities.

“I’m not going.” Sam snorted.

“Why?!” Bob snapped-it always was upsetting to get stood up-

“Don’t feel like it.” Sam hastily came up with an excuse.

“No, let’s go,” Quinn suddenly said.

Bob glanced between her and Sam-something was fishy.

It feels like these two were behaving really differently…

“Can I go too?” Quinn asked Bob then.

“I see no issue with it.” Bob shrugged. “Sam, though…”

Quinn stared dolefully at Sam, who averted his eyes. “Suit yourself. Though you won’t find what we
men like enjoyable.”

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