Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1314

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Quinn was prepared for the men going to some super exclusive and expensive nightclub, only to open
her eyes and find themselves on a mountain peak.

They were quite far from the city, too…

“Where are we?” she asked as she looked around.

It was so remote and quiet that she could be convinced Sam could kill her here without leaving

‘Ever been in a race?” Bob asked Quinn.

“A race?”

“You might not know this, but Sam’s an incredible racer.”

She certainly did not, but that would probably apply to everyone else too…

Moreover, he must just be racing for kicks, not to mention that it was dangerous.

Quinn started scowling, but Bob appeared immune and added, “Sam has actually invited a few racers
to join him today. Just watch-he’s so cool behind the wheel.”

Quinn had more to say, but Sam had already alighted.

At the same time, the air thundered as a dozen race cars revved, and Quinn quickly opened the door to
find multiple cars and bikes streaking toward them.

While she was left gaping with her heart racing, the convoy stopped. Men and women who were
dressed flamboyantly all alighted, most of them having tattoos and obviously not you average law-
abiding citizen.

“Sam.” Brian—their leader, a man with dreadlocks and a cigarette between his lips, came up to them.
“What a surprise. Why’d you suddenly thought of racing?”

Sam actually did not plan on racing, but he needed to vent.

Ryan’s phone call last night left him irritated, so he thought of racing today.

He merely sent a message to his group of race buddies, and they all came from every corner of the
country. There no way he could say no now… though it was also a good chance to let Quinn assimilate
into his social circle.

Naturally, she might not-she had always been the role model-type who always toed the line, and she
must have had trouble accepting his racing hobby.

“Just feeling bored,” he said nonchalantly. “Thanks for coming all the way here.”

“Come on, bro. We’d come for you as long as you just say the word,” Brian told him.

As Sam nodded, Brian asked, “So how are we doing this?”

“Your call.”

“Old rules then-three laps, first to the finish point wins. As for the prize…” Brian thought about it. “A
hundred grand?”

“Sure.” Sam nodded.

“Then let’s get started,” Brian said right then.

Quinn had been standing nearby, wanting to say something about this but unsure what.

On the other hand, Bob was excited-he would join Sam on races occasionally, though he was just there
to cheer for Sam since he was no racer.

Even so, spectating was already a thrill-competitive sport always sent one’s juices flowing.

“Stick with Bob,” Sam told Quinn just before he left.

“Sam…” She could not help calling out to him.

He looked at her in turn, convinced she was going to scold him.

She probably found his behavior hedonistic and was unable to accept something as crazy as racing.

And yet, she merely held his gaze and said, “Be careful.”

Sam did a double take in surprise.

Still, Quinn added, albeit worriedly, “I’ll cheer for you, but you have to be safe.”

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