Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1317

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Bob clearly did not want Sam to risk himself, even if someone else might die.

However, Sam’s stubbornness in risking himself might lead to two people dying.

“I was the one who organized this race, Bob,” Sam said resolutely. “I’m responsible for anything that

Bob gritted his teeth, not sure how to talk Sam out of this.

He turned toward Quinn, who remained in the crowd.

She was so dainty she would easily be lost, but Sam could always find her immediately wherever she

And now, their eyes met.

Quinn was biting her lip, reluctant to let him go, but she did not know what to say.

A life was at stake, but she did not want Sam to die.

No… She did not even want to imagine it.

However, Sam had barely stared at her for seconds before he turned away, just as she mustered her
courage and was about to speak.

He went to work, ordering everyone present how to help with the rescue.

They first moved rocks and boulders to cushion the rear end of the car, stopping it from tipping over to
some extent.

Then, he had some of the other racers hold down the spoiler, while others would try to drag it

With everything done, Sam moved close and saw that the driver was unconscious.

He smashed the window with a hammer and felt for a pulse.

After he made sure that the driver was alive, he tried to yank open the door, only for the car to shake
again and for pebbles to start falling off around the car.

Everyone was sweating buckets-brute strength would not do as the car might fall before they could get
the driver out.

The airbag has also deployed and was keeping the driver firmly enveloped.

Sam took a deep breath and reached inside the car since he could not open the door from the outside.

Bob looked on, his heart threatening to leap out of his throat -this was really dangerous. If the car fell
now, catching

Sam off guard, he would definitely be plummeting with it.

Neither Bob nor Quinn dared to make a sound.

Quinn’s vision was blurred with tears, but she forced herself not to cry while she watched Sam in silent
apprehension even though she was utterly horrified.

It was the same for everyone else-they were all silent, despite knowing that Sam was doing something
really dangerous. After all, he could fall if they distracted him even a little.

Meanwhile, Sam reached around carefully for a long while but refrained from putting in too much

He wanted to open the door from the inside, but he had to make sure that the car was stable.

After a long while, Sam finally reached the door handle and pulled.

The door opened, but the car shook again.

Quinn clasped her hand over her mouth, afraid of making a sound.

The others around her were deathly silent too.

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