Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1316

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Somehow, Quinn found the last lap especially grilling.

Her heart was pounding from anxiety, and she thought for an instant that her heart would be

She quietly waited for Sam to finish his third lap-it did not matter to her if he won, for she just wanted
him to be safe.

“Oh, sh*t!” someone cried out nearby just then.

Quinn was immediately petrified, dreading that she would hear about something terrible which would
overwhelm her.

“Aman just called-there’s a crash halfway up the peak!” the man explained.

The others panicked at once and hurried to their cars and bikes to the crash.

Bob was following suit when he turned to look at Quinn.” Hey, you coming?”

Quinn came to her senses-she gritted her teeth and hurried after Bob into the car.

Since it was a race track, civilian vehicles would be barred from entry up the mountain during races, be
it competitive or casual.

As Quinn got in the car, her whole body was shaking.

Bob was worried too-there was no information on who crashed or how serious the crash was.

Nonetheless, they were soon at the site of the crash, with every racer as well as spectators having
moved there.

Quinn alighted, unsure which car was Sam’s.

Still, she could see that a car had crashed through the guardrail, its front bumper teetering in the air-it
could fall off at any moment.

If it did, anyone inside would definitely be killed.


Quinn rushed toward the car with Bob in tow, and her heart almost stopped when they got close.

The carthat crashed was not Sam’s, but Sam was standing beside it, clearly trying to get the driver out.

But it was too dangerous, not to mention that he was straddling the guardrail to boost his reach. If the
car fell, he might get dragged along!

“Sam!” Bob cried as he hurried to him, while Quinn gritted her teeth and followed suit.

As Sam turned, Bob told him, “Calm down, man! Just wait for help-“

“I’ve already called for help,” Sam replied, “but the car is too heavy. It could crash down the hill before
help arrives.”

“But you could tip it over if you touch it-“

“I’m just watching. I’m not doing anything stupid,” Sam explained.

However, that was when the chassis groaned, and the car tipped into a steeper angle and pebbles
around it rolled off the cliff.

“Wargh!” everyone cried out, startled by the sight.

Sam stiffened, but remained focused as he studied the car- it just tipped slightly, but was not falling just

However, it was a precarious position, and Sam made up his mind right then.

“We can’t wait,” he told the others. “Everyone, hold down the spoiler and keep it steady. I’m getting the
driver out!”

“Sam!” Bob barked—that was too dangerous.

If they did not hold the car steady, Sam would fall with it!

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