Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1319

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Quinn looked on as everyone continued the countdown, but Sam still had his whole upper body in the



Quinn thought she could not breathe just then and closed her eyes at the very last instant.

She was afraid to look-to see something that would overwhelm her.

That was when a resounding crash could be heard over the hill. It started just beside her ears before
becoming distant.

The car had tipped over and fell down the hill, slamming thunderously down below.

Quinn was trembling, still afraid to open her eyes.

She had no idea what happened, let alone whether Sam was safe…

As if avoidance would spare her from having to face reality.

“Quinn,” Bob suddenly called out.

Quinn jumped-it was as if she could suffer a breakdown with even a slight breeze.

Nonetheless, Bob urged, “We should go.”

Quinn bit her lip, finally opening her eyes… and she saw Sam nearby immediately.

He was with the other racers, carrying the injured driver to one of the cars.

In other words, he did it.

Quinn’s eyes were moist with tears, and she suddenly felt as if she had cheated death even though she
was not the one in danger.

As Sam got in another car, he seemed to turn to look at Quinn.

However, he said nothing before driving away.

“Quinn,” Bob called out to her again.

Quinn came to her senses right then. “Sorry.”

“It’s alright. We’re going with them to the hospital.”


Quinn was going to follow Bob, but clearly still traumatized, she started to wobble just as she was
about to walk.

Bob saw that and quickly caught her, asking nervously,” What’s wrong?”

“My legs feel a little limp,” Quinn replied, embarrassed.

Bob could not help chuckling, though he remained praiseful of Sam. “Don’t worry-Sam knows what he’s
doing, and he did it. We’d be watching someone die without doing anything otherwise.”

Quinn nodded silently, so Bob did not press the issue.

Quinn and Sam were married—they could sort their own issues out, while bystanders like Bob himself
could at best point them in the right direction.

“Need me to help you walk?” he asked.

“N-No.” Quinn shook her head.

Bob nodded-he just had to stay patient and wait for her.

Once they both got into the car, they headed straight to the hospital.

The driver who crashed was already in surgery when they arrived.

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