Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1321

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Bracing himself, Sam said, “Scold me all you want.”

It was not the first time-or the first day-that Quinn got upset with him.

He was plenty prepared, but that was when he stiffened as he felt her suddenly throwing herself into
his arms, holding him in a firm embrace.

She had wanted to do that for a while but had been constantly holding back.

She was never this scared of losing him before, and she had no idea when she started to pay so much
attention to Sam.

Still, she would not deny that it might have started with that accident three years ago, when she began
to take her marriage with Sam seriously. Were they really unable to stand each other?

And when he was sentenced to prison, she kept remembering him for some reason-persistently, too.

Then, once he was out, she could not wait to mend her marriage with him… or to nurture Sam’s
feelings for her, to be precise.

Either way, she knew very well that she was not that cold toward Sam now.

She cared about him and perhaps even liked him.

That was why she wanted to be with him-it had nothing to do with the Saunders or anyone else.

It was only for her own sake.

Her hands were shaking even as she hugged Sam-she really did not want to think of the possibility of
something really happening to him.

All she wanted to do right then was feel his warmth and presence.

That he was alive-in front of her and within reach.

“Quinn?” Sam was actually surprised by what she was doing.

Many possibilities crossed his mind about what she would do-lecture, scold, or even give him the silent

He did not expect her to hold him like this, so fiercely as if she was afraid to lose him.

It left him flustered and her fingers trembling.

“Sam,” Quinn murmured as she looked up to meet his gaze, her tears gushing even harder just then.

Sam frowned-really, when did she become such a crybaby?

He used to make her cry because he wanted to make his presence known.

Eventually, she stopped crying, which made her difficult to bully.

And when they got married, Quinn was exceedingly cold. How did she regress to her crybaby condition

“Hey, just say what you’re upset about. Heck, hit me, scold me—please don’t cry.” Sam sighed
exasperatedly, though he was tense inside.

He tried to dry her tears, but it only seemed to make her cry more.

Sam tried to act angry and threatened her coolly, “Quinn, I’m telling you-stop. My patience has its

“D-Don’t you know how worried I was?” Quinn stammered through tears just then.

“I know,” he replied-she would have trouble explaining herself to his family if anything were to happen
to him.

Moreover, she had always been kind-she would never stay unmoved if she had to watch someone die.

“If you died-“

“I’m cursed. I won’t die easily,” Sam said smugly.

Quinn laughed, actually amused-who else would call themselves cursed?

She wondered then… had they all been ignoring him ever since she was a child?

“Stop crying,” Sam growled in frustration just then—why was she crying more now when she was
laughing a moment ago?

“Alright, I know that it’s my bad.” Sam gave in then. “I won’t ever race or do anything dangerous, so
stop crying, okay?”

His annoyance showed all over his face, but he still coaxed her tenderly, i

However, Quinn had no idea if she was being emotional too…

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