Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1323

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When Sam got out of the bathroom, Quinn was sitting tamely by the table with the food, waiting for him.

He frowned. “Why didn’t you eat first?”

He knew all too well he had stayed a long while in the bathroom, since it took him considerable effort to
calm his libido.

Whenever he started to show signs of calming, he would suddenly remember what they were doing
and get restless again.

As such, he had to soak himself in cold water for who knew how long, and it never crossed his mind
that Quinn was still waiting for him to eat.

How stupid could she be? She could eat first if she was hungry!

“I was waiting for you,” Quinn replied mildly, not upset with his hostile tone.

“No one asked you to wait. Start eating,” Sam growled as he sat down, shoving a fork and knife at
Quinn and pettily putting extra food on her plate.

Quinn did not refuse, though she was just staring at him so much that he was starting to get

Still, he said, “Finish it. You’re as thin as a stick.”

Quinn felt a little petty then. “I’m not. I’m perky where I should be.”

In fact, she had been working hard on enlarging her chest with diet and exercises while he was in
prison, since she knew that he preferred an ample bosom. She also hit the gym often to shape up her

waist, posterior, and other curves.

Sam gulped, unable to help feeling buoyed again-was she doing this on purpose?! It took him
considerable effort and a cold bath to cool off!

He certainly noticed the improvement in her figure, and that she was even more shapely than years

Even so…


Sam kept his head down and ate, trying his best to distract himself.

Quinn did not say anything else either and ate with him in silence.

It was really late, and she did not feel hungry at first, but only when she started eating.

She finished two platefuls of food, while Sam finished four.

Once he was finished, he reclined limply on the couch, not feeling like moving at all.

Quinn followed suit, even though she did not eat as much.

They sat in silence for a long while, none of them intending to start talking.

Still, Quinn had the feeling that this would be their life for the rest of their lives…

After a while, Quinn got out of the couch to take a bath.

Sam had taken his sweet time with a bath before, but she did not, and she felt dirty and sticky.

There was a sweet aroma wafting from her as she stepped out, and her skin was brighter and fairer
after she soaked in warm water.

Sam glanced at her lazily, but that single glance almost broke his restraint again.

He started to wonder if Quinn was that beautiful or whether he just had not seen action for that long-he
had not touched a woman ever since he left prison, after all.

There were times when he wondered how he lasted this long.

But whenever he felt the impulse, the thought of doing it with other women would just vaporize his

“Sam,” Quinn called out to him softly then. “You can sleep on the bed tonight.”

As Sam’s heart skipped a beat, she added, “The couch is too small for you. I can take the couch.”

Sam felt as if he had been doused by cold water, while Quinn said, “I’ll call room service to clean up the

They were so full after they finished eating that they really did not want to move at all once they lay
down on the couch, so the dirty dishes were all left on the table.

Sam watched as Quinn made the phone call, and housekeeping soon arrived to clean up.

Quinn adjusted the room heater to an optimal temperature and straightened the sheets. 2

“Sam, you can sleep on the bed now,” she told him, while she picked up the blanket and headed for the
chaise lounge.

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