Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1326

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Sam was about to apologize when Ryan suddenly said, “Apologize? What’s the point? He loves
bullying Quinn constantly and still behaves the same even after what happened to her family. I’d have
our parents disown you if you weren’t my brother!”

Sam had actually no idea what happened to Quinn’s family, but Ryan’s outburst left him incensed.

He clenched his jaw and refused to apologize since it was pointless-they would never forgive him! Even
Quinn never cared to look at him!

That in turn sent Marvin into a frenzy, beating the snot out of him for his stubbornness and for hurting

He resented Quinn for that, until he found out that her parents died-they were being buried the day he
hurt her too.

He felt remorse, scarcely able to imagine how miserable she was.

And what if she died with them at the time too?

That was why he tried to apologize, but Ryan kept her with him at all times after she returned to
Saunders Mansion, refusing to let Sam approach her.

And on occasions where she was alone, she would bolt when he tried to approach.

When he eventually had enough and finally caught her, he saw how scared and disgusted he was with

Even so, he asked, “Why were you hiding from me?”

“You hit me.”

“You hit me first. I was just fighting back,” Sam argued.

“Ryan told me to stay away from you. I don’t want you near me,” Quinn snapped in distaste.

“Could you stop it with Ryan?! Are you going to do everything he tells you to?! What if he asks you to
die?!” Sam bellowed.

“He wouldn’t,” Quinn retorted vindictively. “He’s the best person in the world, and I’ll marry him when I
grow up. I’ll always listen to him.”

“Marry him?! How old do you think you are?! Don’t you feel ashamed?!” Sam’s eyes went red from

However, Quinn did not notice-she presumed he was going to hit her again as he snapped.

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll only marry Ryan,” she told him before turning to run.

That was why Sam never apologized to her.

“I always thought I was going to marry Ryan.”

Back at the present, Quinn’s voice yanked Sam out of his reverie.

He thought he forgot all about the past-about the fights with Quinn-only for those memories to have
been ingrained deep in his mind.

“I never expected Ryan to bail on our wedding,” Quinn said, miserably when she remembered what
happened that day.

Still, it was natural for anyone else in her shoes, and she was deeply in love with Ryan at that.

“I can admit that I agreed to marry you to get even, since I didn’t know why Ryan left like that-why he
would hurt me so badly on the day I would be most happy. He could’ve told me if he didn’t love me, and
I wouldn’t have clung to him.”

Pausing, she then continued, “I don’t even remember how I felt when Ryan returned and explained why
he ran away… But it was probably a relief.

Having an answer to a question that stressed me out for so long allowed me to let go.”

“That was why Ryan and I were just history at that point. There may be regret and lingering feelings,
but I never lied to you-l never thought of divorcing you because I have acknowledged our marriage.”

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