Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1328

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Sam’s parents sighed. “Ryan, you’re a blessing. Sam’s just a curse.”

A curse?!

Sam certainly remembered that, and his rebellious streak only got worse.

Back to the present, Quinn ultimately blamed herself.”

Maybe I had been lacking when I was a child, but I hope you can let go of past preconceptions and
allow us to have a fresh start.”

Sam pursed his lips and stayed silent.

Quinn’s eyes turned red in misery. “Can’t we?”

“We can,” he said very quietly, so Quinn could not hear that he was choking with emotion.

It had been a long while since he looked forward to anything, and he even though no one in the world
liked him or cared-that he was just excess.

He did not expect Quinn to ask him for a fresh start or to try having a relationship. He did not agree to it
right away, because he thought he imagined it—that it was just his fantasy.

“You mean, we can start going out?” Quinn asked, working

hard to calm herself. “Then… can I hold you?”

“No…” Sam refused right then.

Quinn was a little wounded at first, when he finished, “Not just yet.”

Right now, he was worried he would be overwhelmed, since they were just giving this relationship thing
a try.

While Quinn would like to try to grow her feelings for him, it was just that-she did not necessarily love
him, and he did not want to hurt her.

He regretted what he did before, especially when he was in jail—he had no right to defile her when they
were not going to be together. He should allow her to be whole when she was finally by the side of her

That was why he refused to lose himself now, and even if they never fell in love in the end… Or if
Quinn never fell for him, to be precise, he would at least not have done her wrong.

“Then, when?” Quinn asked with a wounded tone.

“When we actually have feelings for each other,” Sam said, resolute.

“Okay,” Quinn said but was ultimately disappointed.

Still, she encouraged herself. “I’ll do my best to make you fall for me, Sam.”

Sam’s heart skipped a beat.

But she was wrong there-he was the one who should make her fall for him.

As the room became silent, Quinn happily went to sleep after getting a satisfying answer from Sam.

It was a great leap forward for them, whatever the case may be-Sam at least stopped being a
porcupine who kept her at arm’s reach.

She was soon asleep after closing her eyes, since it had been a taxing, heart-stopping day.

On the other hand, Sam’s eyes were wide open, unable to fall asleep when he should be exhausted.

He was afraid that everything would change once he woke up, and things were no different between
him and Quinn… He would lose his mind if that really happened.

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