Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1331

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Sam ignored Bob’s teasing and hung up before turning to Quinn. “Bob will make the arrangements.”

“You’re really close to him,” Quinn said earnestly.

“Not just him. With John and Jay too,” he replied.

He would not mention his friends before to her and always kept her out of the loop when it came to

“There’s something I don’t understand…” Quinn said hesitantly just then.

“What is it?”

“Don’t get upset with me.”

“Just say it.”

“Why are you able to get along with everyone other than Ryan?” Quinn asked, still worried that Sam
would get upset.

It was a sensitive question, and Sam’s temper had always been horrible… But she was really curious,
especially since they were brothers.

A look of irritation appeared on Sam’s face in turn—was it not obvious? Was there any man who could
play nice with another man clearly coveting his wife, even if he was his brother?

Moreover, get along with Ryan when Ryan had belittled him his whole life?

“Are you that eager to have me get along with him?” Sam asked instead of answering.

Quinn did a double take, though she soon shook her head. “You do you.”

“What, you don’t mind me being hostile toward Ryan?” Sam asked just to make sure.

“I have no reason to meddle in your sibling rivalry,” Quinn replied. “My priority is just to make sure we
become a proper couple. I’m too busy to worry about anything else.”

Sam smiled then, unable to hide his joy.

Even as she stared at him, Quinn actually had trouble believing it-did he really just smile at her?

He only ever scowled at her before…

As such, she could not help smiling back, just as a ray of sunshine filed inside from the window,
illuminating her face…

And for the first time, Sam found the world beautiful.

When Sam returned to North City with Quinn and Bob, it just happened to be Jay’s birthday.

Zoe was threatening them to have dinner at their place despite Jay’s protests.

Since she just got pregnant, the doctor advised her to rest more and not to stress herself out.

Zoe was just too free-spirited, so Jay had to keep her on a tight leash.

He would remind her to slow down if she walked too quickly, insisting she lay on her sides if she
wanted to sleep and warning her that she would affect the baby if she shouted too much.

It was worse when it came to her diet, as Jay hired an in-house nutritionist and denied Zoe’s attempts
to sneak away with some spicy soup.

And it had just been a few days her pregnancy was confirmed-Zoe had no idea how she would survive
the next nine months!

That was why she was so insistent on having everyone visit on Jay’s birthday, or she would die from
cabin fever.

Naturally, she also called Cordy, asking when she would be back…

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