Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1330

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“Don’t do that ever again/ Sam said sternly.

Quinn pouted. “But I thought you liked it../

“Even so.”

“Okay.” Quinn hung her head as if she had made a mistake.

Sam appeared left flustered by her reaction-was that too much?

Still, it frustrated him to think she queued for two hours. He did not like her pushing herself that much…

As such, he added, “I’ll queue for it if I want it.”

That was the most he could manage-sweet-talking was never his strong suit.

Nonetheless, Quinn argued, “You’re not patient enough for that.”

“T-Then I’ll just give it a pass.”

“You’d never know how it tastes in that case,” Quinn said bluntly.

“I’m fine without it.”

“Are you allergic to people being nice to you?” Quinn complained.

Sam pursed his lips and stayed silent, so Quinn demanded, “Eat. You don’t get to leave the table
unless you finish everything.”

“You bought a lot,” Sam argued, but considering that Quinn was a little scared, he relaxed histone. “I’ll
finish half.”

Quinn was dissatisfied, however. “Three quarters.”

Sam raised a brow at her retort. “You’re all bones, woman. You should be eating more/

“Is that concern I hear?” Quinn asked.

Sam kept his head down and ate, pretending not to hear.

“Okay, I’ll try to eat more,” she agreed.

There was a smile on Sam’s lips as he kept eating.

Naturally, both were stuffed afterward, with one reclining on the chaise lounge and the other on a
single-seat couch.

If she kept feeding him like this a couple more times, he would die from overeating…

“When are we going back to North City?” Quinn suddenly asked.

“You want to go back?”

“I just think it’s been a while since we got here. Most of the guests here have already left, and Zoe is
already starting her prenatal routine.”

“Zoe’s pregnant?” Sam exclaimed, a little surprised.


“Jay’s good.” Sam chuckled.

Quinn stared at him and could not resist asking softly, “Don’t you want children, Sam?”

Sam almost choked—he never dared think about it.

Still, Quinn became a little disappointed. “I guess you really don’t like children…”

Sam took a while to calm himself and shot back, “Do you?”

“Before this, not really. It felt like a task your parents entrusted me/ Quinn replied. “But now, I guess I’m
a little interested. Zoe is having a second child, and Dicky’s old enough to be best man../

Sam pursed his lips and stayed silent.

He did consider the idea before, but they were just starting to give a relationship a try-would it not be
too early to talk about children?

But if things went smoothly… Would it not be natural to have children?

“Anyway, when are we going back to North City?” Quinn asked, changing the subject.

“We can leave today. I’ll talk to Bob/ Sam replied.


When Sam called Bob, however, Bob immediately went into a rant. “You just remembered I exist, don’t
you, Mr. Saunders? You left me hanging for the whole day, and you know I’d never knock or call since
I’m worried about interrupting your hanky-panky again! It’s not easy being me, you know!

“Just book our flight home this evening,” Sam told him curtly. “For my wife and me/

“Your wife? Getting warm, aren’t we?” Bob teased.

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