Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1332

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Cordy sounded lethargic although it was noon when Zoe called her.

John was probably devouring her whole during their honeymoon, and there would be a baby in her
belly by the time they got back.

Zoe was staring at Quinn as she complained about all the grief she suffered for days. ’You’re finally
back, Quinn… You have no idea how much I’ve suffered. Jay wouldn’t let me have anything…”

Quinn smiled. “That’s because he cares. Rejoice that you got a good husband!”

“But I’d rather have freedom.’

“You’ll be free after you have your baby…”

‘Til still have to breastfeed…”

“And stop lactating.”

“…You’re just saying that because you won’t ever know what it’s like,” Zoe huffed.

Quinn hid a smile-that certainly was the case.

“Anyway, don’t you want children? You’re not young—heck, this pregnancy even feels different than
when I had Yelena. It’s so taxing…’ Zoe said then.

Quinn glanced at Sam who was sitting with the others, and he turned to look at her too, as if he sensed

As their eyes met, Quinn smiled.

Zoe stared at her in turn. “Is there something going on between you and Sam?!”

Quinn bit her lip, unsure what to tell Zoe just then-Zoe was always vocal against her being with Sam,
and there was no question that he had been harsh with her.

Still, Zoe seemed to understand with a single look. ’So, you made up?”

“Half, I guess.”


“We’re trying to make it work,” Quinn explained. ’We’re taking it slow, since we were forced to marry
before and had no feelings for each other.

Building a foundation is naturally the most important if we really want to be together.’

“Then… Have you already fallen for him?” Zoe asked.

“I don’t know, but I don’t want to divorce him,” Quinn replied. “Even if Ryan kept dropping hints…”

“That means you love Sam,” Zoe said definitively.

As Quinn stared at her, she explained, “No woman marries a man they don’t love or completely rejects
a man they like. This means that you’ve gotten over Ryan and are into Sam now.’

“Huh…” Quinn pursed her lips and murmured softly, “Probably.”

Hearing that, Zoe shot her an ‘l-knew-it’ look.

“Do you think I’ve cheapened myself?’ Quinn suddenly asked.

“What?” Zoe exclaimed in surprise.

“I mean, Sam obviously doesn’t love me, but I insist on having a fresh start with him. What is that if not
love for brains?”

“You’re not,” Zoe told her confidently, though Quinn knew that Zoe was unconditionally supportive no
matter the decision she made.

Nonetheless, Zoe suddenly sighed. “Sam isn’t that bad.’

Quinn was left staring at Zoe again-but she hated Sam the most!

“Do you remember having your first period in school?” Zoe reminded her.

“Yeah. It was so awkward I almost cried-thank goodness you brought me the pads.”

“Actually, Sam barged into my classroom and gave them to me. He told me to pass them to you, or I
wouldn’t have known at all.”

Quinn did a double take-Sam was just three years older at the time and attending the same private

She remembered bleeding into her pants when she ran into him, but he told her nothing.

In fact, she was so flustered she could not even tell her classmates, and she regretted it after she
rushed into the washroom on impulse.

Classes were already in session, and there was no else around to help!

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