Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1333

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Meanwhile, Zoe continued reminiscing. “Sam was really tall, even during high school—standing half a
head taller than the rest, he stood out even in the basketball team. Anyway, he charged into our
classroom with that terrible look on his face and came up to me.

"Even the teacher was spooked, let alone my classmates. Heck, my heart skipped a beat, and I was so
worried I'd upset him and he wanted me dead...”

Zoe shuddered even as she remembered it. “Anyway, Sam threw me a pack of pads as everyone

While Quinn had a hard time imagining the scene, it was still a fresh memory in Zoe's mind. "He was
scowling at me even as he told me to bring it to you... and with that, he's gone, not caring that everyone
was staring at him. It was like he was immune to embarrassment... Like it only happened to anyone but

"You had no idea how awkward it was, Quinn—! could vanish right then,” Zoe sighed, overwhelmed
even as she remembered. "I had to pick up that pack while everyone watched and take it to you.”

"Why didn't you tell me?” Quinn exclaimed in surprise.

"You know how sensitive you were back then." Zoe shrugged. "You'd be so embarrassed you'd go into
hiding. I mean, Sam's still an idiot—isn't he announcing to everyone that you're having your period?
That you're a real maiden now? Do you still think you'd show your face in public?”

Quinn pursed her lips, but it was true—she would have been traumatized back at middle school, and
for a long while at that.

"That's why I never mentioned it, and I basically forgot about it now that we're grown up," Zoe smiled,
and turned to look at the men just then. "I also thought that Sam was quite vulgar, being all open about
a lady's sensitive issues… though now that I thought about it, he must be worried since you'd be stuck
and helpless in the washroom. That's why he could only barge into our class room, and it's obvious he
was worried about you."

Quinn's heart skipped a beat as an unfamiliar feeling welled in her heart, but it felt warm like spring.

"It's over, Quinn!" Zoe sighed then. "You should see that girly look on your face right now—you're in

Quinn did not argue—she really thought she would like to start a proper relationship just then.

Even after she confirmed her relationship with Ryan, they never spent much time together since he
was always busy with his studies. He rarely called and came home on even less occasions, basically
sparing her no time.

As such, their relationship was hardly what one would call a normal one.

Perhaps that left her with regret, and she now appreciated how things were with Sam—to really see
each other, to care and feel for each other... +

"Well, this is good,” Zoe said, switching gears just then. "Stay with him and live the good life since
you've made your choice. I mean, if John and Jay accept him, he'd never be that rotten!”

"You're just hinting that your husband is a good man too," Quinn teased.

"Whoops, you noticed.” Zoe admitted to it openly. They continued their lively chatter, and the men did
the same, though Sam would glance at the women from time to time.

His heart raced whenever he saw the bright smile on Quinn's face.

Bob and Jay certainly noticed that, but they merely shared a tacit smile, refraining from exposing their
good friend.

In the evening, as everyone sat around the dining table to celebrate Jay's birthday, Bob and Sam
insisted on getting drunk and insisted Jay drink with them.

Unable to refuse, Jay played along. But this was Bob and Sam they were talking about...

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