Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1339

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Quinn was left staring at Sam, finding him acting strange just then-was he still drunk?
After all, he was only docile when he was drunk.
She entered the room, leaving him taken aback as she promptly pulled off his blanket. “You need to eat
even if you’re still drunk-you’d at least feel better than having an empty stomach. I could help you wash
up if you’re feeling nauseated too…”
She suddenly trailed off as she stared at him fixedly.
He frowned, followed her stare downward, and blushed.
He promptly pulled up his blanket to hide himself.
At the same time, Quinn realized with a start and flushed a crimson, surprised by what she had seen.
She quickly turned her back on Sam-she did not mean to look.
Still, Sam was a little frustrated to see her avoiding staring so quickly and snapped, “It’s normal for men
in the morning!”
“Yeah…” Quinn replied—was it something she said?
“It’s proof that I’m healthy.”
“I know.”
“It’s not a reaction to you.”
Quinn pursed her lips in silence-she had been fine before, but she felt a little upset just then.
“Come eat once you’re done washing up. I’ll be waiting outside,” she told him before leaving his room.
Sam watched as she left and sighed exasperatedly.
In reality, it was a reaction to Quinn-he had been dreaming of her the whole night too.
Inhaling deeply, he strode toward the washroom, taking a while to calm himself before leaving his
Quinn was waiting behind the dining table silently, and the food looked scrumptious.

It was only when Sam headed over that she picked up her fork and knife with a smile. “Come try my
cooking and find out how it tastes.”
“You made all these?”
“When did you learn how to cook?” Sam asked as he picked up his knife and fork to pick up some food.
“I always knew how to,” Quinn said. “I liked cooking, so I learned from your family’s servants and
videos, and I’d cook whenever I feel like it. I don’t do it often, so I don’t know if it’s good.”
Sam was gnawing on a spiced rib, and Quinn stared at him expectantly.
As he finished, he slowly commented, “Yeah, it’s good.”
Quinn heaved a sigh of relief.
She had no idea if her cooking suited his tastes, but it was good enough if he said that it was good-he
was never good with giving praises.
“Then have some more,” she quickly urged him. “That and the pork tenderloin. I’ve always liked it, so I
learned the dish for a while now.”
Sam nodded.
The vibes around the table were certainly pleasant-Sam kept eating as Quinn brought him food, and he
finished plate after plate.
Still, he soon realized something unusual. “Why aren’t you eating?”
He was almost stuffed and was just being nice to finish everything since it was the first time Quinn
cooked for him.
However, she had definitely cooked too much for him to eat everything alone…

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