Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1337

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Zoe told him just then, “Get some rest, Bob.”
With that, she got up and left, though she turned around at the door to glance at him.
He was flat on his back, his eyes covered under his hand.
But the tears flowing from underneath were visible anyway.
If only…
No. No ifs-Bob would meet the one he was destined for in life.
With that, Zoe left.
She had actually noticed Jay listening to their conversation from outside the doorfor a while.
However, he never came in—it was his gesture of respect.
“You should talk to him,1′ Zoe told him.
“Yeah.” Jay nodded, while she earnestly felt that it was worth being alive just then.
Meanwhile, Quinn had considerable difficulty helping Sam to the car and driving him home.
She drove as slowly as possible-she was that bad at driving and was concerned Sam would get sick if
the journey was too bumpy.
The car was basically a snail crawling on the road, and there was no telling how long it took for her to
finally reach the parking lot.
After stopping, she opened the door to the back seat and stared at Sam, who was out like a light.
Eventually, she steeled herself to wake him up. “Get up, Sam. We’re home. You can sleep on the bed.”
As Sam did not move at all, she pressed, “Come on, Sam. Get up.”
Sam frowned in annoyance. “Shut it…”
“Be good. You can sleep in the house-it’s really uncomfortable doing it in the car.”
“Don’t wanna move…”

“Oh, you…” Quinn actually got a little frustrated just then, as Sam refused to get up no matter how she
smacked and snapped at him.
However, she was going to give up and was considering spending the night in the car with him when
Sam suddenly opened his eyes.
Still, his gaze was unfocused as he looked at Quinn and said, “Please don’t hate me.”
“What?” Quinn was stunned, and his voice was muffled with alcohol.
“I said, don’t hate me!” he suddenly snapped angrily.
Quinn felt like her eardrums perforated just then-was it that difficult to take care of him when he was
Nonetheless, she played along. “Be good and I won’t hate you.”
It was a noncommittal response, and she was convinced Sam would not react to that.
And yet, Sam crisply replied, “Okay.”
Quinn was speechless-he was a completely different person after getting drunk, huh?
Still, since he was being compliant, it would be a waste not to exploit this.
“Get out of the car yourself, Sam,” she told him.
Sam actually looked left and right before getting out tamely.
Quinn was actually delighted-was it really this easy?!
Nonetheless, she quickly walked up to hold him up since he was really drunk despite his compliance,
and he was still wobbling.
She could feel most of Sam’s weight on herself-she was left gritting her teeth as she closed the car
door and locked it before helping Sam back in the house.
However, when they finally made it inside, Sam suddenly tripped over her foot, and they both dropped
to the floor with a loud thud.
Quinn winced in pain, while Sam seemed immune and fell asleep on the floor.
“Sam, get up,” she called out even as tugged on him, but he was not budging at all.
“Get up, or I’ll hate you!” she threatened.
Sam scrambled to his feet right then.

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