Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1338

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Quinn was left gaping at Sam—was he that afraid of her hating him?!
Whatever… Getting him to the bed was the priority!
As such, she took him to the bedroom and eventually got him on the bed, where she took off his
clothes and wiped him down with a hot towel.
However, she barely touched him once when he caught her wrist and complained, “No…”
Sam did not seem to like being touched.
Honestly, he slept with so many women! Why was he playing chaste?!
“Do you want me to hate you, Sam?” she demanded right then, and he quickly released her.
Really, this tactic was surprisingly useful when he got drunk…
After Quinn wiped him down, she helped him into pajamas and thought about it before making him a
glass of honey drink. “Drink this to help with your stomach. You’d feel better. n
“I don’t wanna…”
“I’m gonna get angry,” Quinn said, really getting used to the feeling of Sam obeying her with no more
than an offhand remark.
And she liked it, since it felt like he was as harmless as a little puppy, unlike his usual chip-in-the-
shoulder demeanor.
She watched as he finished the honey drink and stopped bothering him after that so he could get some
proper sleep.
She tucked him in, though she paused just as she got to her feet and arched her back to kiss him on
the lips… a reward for being so compliant tonight.
Well, she could also admit that she could not resist it since Sam was absolutely docile tonight.
And with that sneaky kiss, she was flushing even as she rushed to the bathroom.

Things were certainly going a little quickly for them. Even if they had been married for years, it actually
had not been more than a few days since they started trying out a relationship.
Maybe they should stick to a more natural schedule…
Quinn had to calm her racing heart, and she then turned on the shower.
As such, she never heard the man on the bed mumbling,” Don’t hate me, Quinn… I love you…”
Sam woke up with a painful headache the next day.
How did he get drunk? How did he get back here? Did Quinn bring him back?! Did he embarrass
himself last night? Was he vomiting everywhere? Did he stay on the floor, refusing to leave? Did he say
anything weird?! Did Quinn hate him getting drunk?!
Damn it, he should have stopped sooner… but he had to get drunk with Bob!
Still, he had good reason since Bob was drinking his sorrows away. After all, anyone could see that
Bob was still into Zoe, and there was misery in his eyes whenever he looked at her, even though he
presumed that he hid it well.
For Sam’s part, he would have stopped when Bob had enough, but somehow, Bob had to become a
better drinker than usual, even if he might be pretending.
Either way, Sam himself got drunk too and fell unconscious at that.
Suddenly, he had no idea how to face Quinn…
That was when the door opened, and Quinn asked, “Oh, you’re up?”
She was dressed casually with an apron around her waist. “I was just making lunch. Try some of my
cooking if you think you can get up.”
Sam pursed her lips as she stared at her, slightly drowning in this feeling of being home just then.
Seeing him stay still, she asked in concern, “What’s wrong? Are you still feeling sick? Are you going to
throw up?”
“N-No…” Sam muttered as he came to his senses.
Being able to see the person he wanted to see most with a beautiful smile…
He simply found all of it beautiful.

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