Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1341

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“Ahhh!!!” Quinn suddenly yelped, and a bowl shattered audibly on the floor.

Sam quickly said, “Don’t touch it-“

“Ahhh!!!” Quinn gasped, getting a cut just as she dropped down to pick up the pieces.

Sam hurried into the kitchen and watched her crouching and frowning in pain and grief.

“Honestly, why are you so dull?” He huffed grumpily.

“It’s all your fault!” Quinn retorted, her eyes puffy just then.

Sam’s heart skipped a beat-anyone would fall for that doleful look of Quinn’s!

“I can’t multitask or I’d mess up,” Quinn continued unhappily just then. “I would’ve been fine, let alone
cut my finger, if you didn’t talk to me. And there you stand, all gleeful.’

Sam’s smile actually broadened—was that why she was always so engrossed in everything she did?
Because she was not that sharp?

“Honestly, what have I done that I have to slave away for you like this?” Quinn huffed unhappily.

Sam chuckled and scooped Quinn up in his arms, causing her to exclaim in surprise, “What are you

Sam did not answer and simply put her on the living couch before leaving to bring the first aid kit over.

Quinn frowned as she stared at him. “You’re bandaging me?”

Sam frowned too. “Why not?”

“Well… it’s not like something you’d do.”

“And what do you think I’d do?” Sam asked as he took out a bottle of iodine to disinfect the cut.

Quinn gritted her teeth, ready for the pain… and did a double take as Sam touched her.

It did not hurt at all, since Sam touched her so gently and without a hint of roughness.

“Does it hurt?” he asked.

“No,” she replied, feeling warmth in her chest to see him being so careful.

Suddenly, she said earnestly, “I’m really surprised you know how to bandage.”

“What, doesn’t everyone know how to do it?” Sam said with cool composure. “Or what, did you
presume all I can do is hump?”

He has no shame at all!

Quinn was left biting her lip, unable to muster a response.

As for Sam, he bandaged her after disinfecting, making such a big fuss over the tiny cut it looked as if
she had broken a finger.

Still, she had to admit that she quite liked that.

Then, after Sam put away the first aid kit, he walked straight to the kitchen, leaving Quinn doing a
double take again. “What are you doing, Sam?”

“Can’t you tell?” Sam retorted as he walked straight to the sink.

It was not as if Quinn could not-she just could not imagine Sam doing the dishes.

Unable to stop herself from going over to him, she watched as he rolled up his sleeves and asked, “Do
you know how to do it?”

“What, are you going to do it instead?” Sam asked in return.

They actually had a dishwasher-she just did not think it necessary since there were not that many dirty
dishes, and she did not hate doing it.

Now, however… Quinn pursed her lips.

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