Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1343

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Back at the present, he flicked her on the forehead anyway.

Quinn winced, only to realize in a second that it did not hurt at all —it was no more than a tap against
her forehead.

As she gaped at Sam in surprise, he snapped, “What’s that look for? Should I have gone harder?”

“N-No.” Quinn quickly shook her head and soon smiled. “It just hit me that you’ve changed a lot…’

“Everyone changes, don’t they?” Sam replied nonchalantly as he started another game. “That goes for
you too, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Quinn nodded—she was convinced their relationship and marriage would improve too.

With that, she sat quietly beside Sam and watched her play solo-she was getting immersed after
playing a few rounds herself, and her juices were flowing as she watched Sam take out enemies with
single shots until he emerged victorious.

“That’s amazing!” she exclaimed excitedly.

Sam grinned, feeling smug just then-others aside, gaming was his speciality.

“Don’t I get a reward?” he asked.

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