Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1344

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Sam asked it without meaning it, while Quinn paused for a moment before leaning in to give him a peck
on the cheek.

That more or less counted as a reward, after all.

Sam, however, stiffened as he turned toward her, and she was clearly still thrilled.

She blushed when she saw the look in Sam’s eyes, realizing that she was doing it too naturally.

But she really thought he was amazing just then and felt the impulse to kiss him…

She certainly felt a little uncomfortable as Sam stared fixedly at her-he never did like her getting


She suddenly widened her eyes nonetheless as she stared at Sam in disbelief.

His face was inches away as he kissed her ferociously and urgently.


She then felt him lifting her, putting her on his lap to better hold the back of her head and kiss her even
deeper. She felt all her senses converging between their tongue and lips, and all she could smell was
his scent—his male hormones that she could not help getting engrossed in…

There was no telling how long had passed after that.

When she almost felt like she would run out of breath, Sam finally released her.

Her lips were red and swollen, while he rasped with an indescribable ambiguity, “Now that’s a reward,

Quinn flushed as their eyes met.

Then, Sam had started to lean in again when his phone suddenly started ringing.

“Someone’s calling you,” Quinn told him.

“Don’t care,” he replied right then.

Quinn stared at him, but for Sam, nothing mattered more than what he wanted to do just then.

However, while he left his call unanswered, Quinn’s phone started ringing soon enough.

“That’s mine,” she said.

“There’s no end to it—don’t answer it,’ Sam growled impatiently.

Was wanting to kiss his own wife that difficult?!

“It might be your parents,” she said—no one else would call him and then her, so something must have
come up.

“Can’t they wait a little?”

“What if it’s something serious?” Quinn pointed out, getting off his lap just then and brushing against
something right then.

Sam stiffened, while Quinn flushed when she saw it and hurried to pick up her phone from the couch.

She used the quietness to calm herself and check the caIler—it really was from Saunders Mansion.

She answered, “Mrs. Saunders-’

“Are you with Sam?” Lindsay Pond asked immediately.

“He is. What’s wrong?” Quinn had a foreboding sensation right then-Sam’s mother would not be that
flustered otherwise.

“Bring him to the hospital right now! His father was just rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke!”
Lindsay sounded on the verge of tears.

Quinn tensed up too.

“Alright, we’ll be right there,” she said, tensing up right then before hanging up.

Turning to Sam, she said, “We need to go. Your father had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital!”

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