Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1345

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Sam and Quinn hurried to the hospital and found Lindsay in the hallway, where she was on the verge
of a nervous breakdown.

“Mom!” Sam called out to her loudly.

Lindsay’s eyes went red as soon as she saw Sam. “Y-Your father… he suddenly had a stroke. He had
already lost consciousness when they rushed him to the hospital…”

“Calm down. He’ll be alright,” Sam said, gathering her in his arms. “He’ll be fine.”

“Hngh… How am I going to live if something happens to him …” Lindsay kept sobbing nonetheless.

Quinn’s eyes welled up with tears-she had been living with Saunders for years and knew how close
Marvin and Lindsay were. She could not imagine what it would be like if something really happened to
either of them…

They waited quietly outside the surgery room, jumping at the faintest sound.

There was no telling how long had passed when rushed footsteps could be heard.

Everyone turned to find Ryan hurrying toward them.

“Mom,” he called out to the sobbing Lindsay immediately, asking urgently, “What happened to Dad?
Why would he suddenly have a stroke? Didn’t he have frequent checkups?

Are you sure he’s been taking his blood pressure medicine every day?”

“He fell unconscious at the office. His secretary said a partnership left him so furious he blacked out…”

Lindsay trailed off, choking with tears and unable to continue.

“The questions can wait until Dad wakes up,” Sam told Ryan just then.

Ryan pursed his lips as he stared at Sam and promptly pulled Lindsay away her shoulder as he
assured her, “Don’t worry. Dad will definitely be fine.”

Lindsay nodded in silence and could not help leaning against Ryan just then

Quinn turned toward Sam in turn, watching as Sam stared and Ryan and Lindsay.

He sensed her looking then and averted his eyes in turn.

Quinn was hence left wondering if she had imagined it, but Sam was being ignored…

She pursed her lips but walked up to Sam and took his hand, interlocking their fingers.

Though he appeared taken aback, Sam gave her hand a squeeze.

Ryan happened to see that, and there was a brief cold flash in his eyes just then.

Nonetheless, the hallway was once again silent, and there was no telling how long had passed when
the doors to the operating room opened.

Lidnsay could only stand and stare as the doctors came out, too afraid to approach them.

Sam and Ryan hurried over, while Quinn stayed to give Lindsay a supporting hand.

“How’s my father?” Ryan asked loudly, looking clearly worried…

Sam appeared calm as he stood beside him, but Quinn noticed that his fingers were shaking.

She bit her lip and held on firmly to Lindsay’s arm…

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